Goodbye Charlie (20th Century Fox) (1964)

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There’s. something funny about “Charlie”, —and you “ul ‘ae eu! ie She comes on “eee : like a girl, looks 8 ea girl, laughs like a girl... yet she says she once was Charlie Sorel, my best * friend—and he got = shot dead for making passes. But now he’s back in great shape—HERS! 20th Century-Fox presents tony : "debbie : pat curtis reynolds | boone Goovgye Joitina Barnes /: ‘Laura Devon Crane, | walter matthau ie David W. Weisbart | Vincente ue Minas) Harry K meine Pradsied eo ihe Sage 6) Tahal Rayroerd ANDRE A Venice Productions Picture CinemaScope Color by De Luxe PREVIN'S Original Soundtrack Album On S | G 20th m Century-Fox Records! Based on the play by George Anelred Hear 100 lines x 2 col. (200 lines) MAT—207 2 col, x 7 inches DEBBIE REYNOLDS-TONY CURTIS*PAT BOONE MAT 2B 20th Century-Fox presents tony | debbie pat curtis : ‘reynolds. boone Saat, met. walter matthau.... CINEMASCOPE COLOR by DE LUXE 28 lines x 2 col. (56 lines) 2col.x 2 inches MAT—202 walter matthau= MAT—102 21 lines x 1 col. lcol. x 1% inches tony < debbie : pat eurtis : tea ‘Doone Soren, walter matthau esse — 14 lines x 1 col. MAT—101 lcol.x1linch Joanna B. Barnes | Lath Devon walter matthau.... David d Weisbart | Vincente Minnelli | Harry ry Kurnits 20th Century-Fox CINEMASCOPE COLOR by DE LUXE Predeced on the dent Venice Productions Picture 1 col. X Y inch MAT—1 03 CINEMASCOPEpe by DELUXE Sal-G 70 lines x 1 col. MAT—105 l col. x5 inches tony. : debbie | pat eurtis : ‘reynolds : 6b ° walter 14 lines x 2 col. (28 lines) 2 col. x 1 inch MAT—201 COMING 7) GoopBre Crar,| —. SOMO LT CINEMASCOPE-COLOR by DE LUXE 6 lines x 2 col. (12 lines) 2 cols. x % inch MAT—206 20th Century-Fox presents tony | debbie _ pat curtis ‘reynolds : boone’ ‘Goovgye Ce Joanna Barnes / Laura Devon (CeO walter matthaw... David We Weisbart | Vincente Minnelli / Hany K Kurnitz Peden on he Sage by Laend Bayoend A Venice Productions Picture « CinemaScope « Color by De Luxe S1G 56 lines x 2 col. (112 lines) 2 col. x 4 inches MAT—204 SPECIAL AD MAT NO. 1— ORDER FROM NSS Copyright © MCMLXIV Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. They don’t make girls like “Charlie anymore (They never did?!). 20th Century-Fox presents tony © debbie curtis: reynolds Co-starring Joanna Barnes | em Ton walter matthau David We avid Wesbar | Vincente } Minnelli Ha ag aa em Mesoshpeacat ITY A Venice Productions Picture CINEMASCOPE COLOR by DE LUXE Ba | MAT—110 135 Lines x 1 Column 1 Column x 95/3 Inches PRINTED IN U.S.A.