Gone With the Wind (MGM) (1952)

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Page 2 THEATRE PROGRAMME PUBLICITY ae SYNOPSIS x STORIES * BIOGRAPHIES * BLOCKS dhe ea Cercck ds; H/ lings M-G-M re-presents (35%) in order of their appearance DAVID O. SELZNICK’S (50%) production of Brent Tarleton FRED CRANE Stuart Tarleton GEORGE REEVES MARGARET MITCHELL’S (50%) Scarlett O’ Hara VIVIEN LEIGH Mammy HATTIE McDANIEL Big Sam EVERETT BROWN Elijah .. z SH ZACK WILLIAMS Gerald O” Hara THOMAS MITCHELL Pork : OSCAR POLK BARBARA O’NEIL ... VICTOR JORY EVELYN KEYES ANN RUTHERFORD ; BUTTERFLY McQUEEN Ellen O’Hara . Jonas Wilkerson Suellen O’ Hara Carreen O’ Hara Prissy .. THE WIND” Colour °y US) ‘Technicolor ©”) Starring AT TWELVE OAKS ; The nearby Wilkes Plantation : HOWARD HICKMAN ALICIA RHETT LESLIE HOWARD John Wilkes India Wilkes .. Ashley Wilkes Melanie Hamilton CLARK Charles Hamilton VIVIEN Frank Kennedy AT TARA The O’Hara Plantation in Georgia : | OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND 3 RAND BROOKS CARROLL NYE oO 100 ON | earneen Calvert “"MARCELLA MARTIN Rhett Butler CLARK GABLE G / \ B L E L E | G H AT THE BAZAAR IN ATLANTA : Aunt “‘ Pittypat’’ Hamilton .. LAURA HOPE CREWS LESLIE OLIVIA § aoom%) | Doctor Meade HARRY DAVENPORT : Mrs. Meade LEONA ROBERTS Mrs. Merriwether JANE DARWELL HOWARD de HAVILLAND | fie iccter’ eee Maybelle Merriwether MARY ANDERSON Fanny Elsing .. : TERRY SHERO A SELZNICK INTERNATIONAL PICTURE 0%) | Old Lei WILLIAM) McCLAIN Directed by VICTOR FLEMING (35%) E IN AUNT ‘“ PITTYPATT’S ”? HOME: ncle Peter x. EDDIE ANDERSON Screen play by SIDNEY HOWARD (30%) , OUTSIDE TH : : Music by MAX STEINER (25%) ee OES Phil Meade .. ‘Sa JACKIE MORAN *A”’ Censor Certificate. An M-G-M Release. AT THE HOSPITAL : aa TSS 2 ee Reminiscent Soldier CLIFF EDWARDS | Belle Watling . ONA MUNSON The Sergeant .. 5, ED CHANDLER THE F A BULOUS A Wounded Soldier in pain x ' GEORGE HACKATHORNE A Convalescent Soldier . : ROSCOE ATES my “ An Amputation Case .. ERIC LINDEN A Dying Soldi TOHN ARLEDGE G.W.T.W. BO ye : Ss 1 Mae Ss DURING THE EVACUATION : SRE Mon aaite: Sty) A Commanding Officer TOM TYLER It stands head and shoulders above phenomenal business — business it every film that has ever been made in everywhere reduplicated during its DURING THE SIEGE : the annals of the screen . . . over re-presentation two years later... A Mounted Officer WILLIAM BAKEWELL three years in the making, it runs for In August, 1947, the Daily Express The Bartender ‘as Se hae eee three hours and forty minutes, every second of which is enthralling .. . it is estimated that eighty-five million people have already seen it and a goodly percentage of them will see it again and again. -;°. Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard and Olivia de Havilland head its cast of fifty-nine principal and thousands of supporting players .. . it won ten Academy Awards. . . the book on which it is based still stands as one of the best-selling of all modern classics . . . it earned lavish praise from press and public alike on its initial presentations on both sides of the Atlantic . In Great Britain, it had a triple premiere in 1940 and thereafter ran for two hundred and thirty weeks in London’s West End, all through the “blitz”? and the darkest days of the it was released in 1942 to WE 6 gis asked its nine and a half million readers ‘“‘ Which film would you pay to see again?” It headed the poll with nearly twice as many _ votes as its runner-up and one in every nine postcards mentioned it... in September, the Evening Standard in its list of top money-makers in the U.K. during the previous few years gave it pride of place... Accordingly, it was re-presented in December, 1947, by insistent public demand and gathered glory anew. Such is “‘ Gone With The Wind.” Now, the David O. Selznick Technicolor production of Margaret Mitchell’s story of the Old South is to be once again re-presented by M-G-M. A new potential audience is waiting for it, the millions who saw it before are eager to revive their memories of its greatness ... it is the film that everyone wants to see. OE NR SERRE 9 to Te ea GEORGIA AFTER SHERMAN : ; PAUL SHURS A . ERNEST WHITMAN WILLIAM STELLIN LOUIS, JEAN -HEYDT ISABEL JEWELL A Yankee Deserter The Carpetbagger’s Friend A Returning Veteran .. A Hungry Soldier Emmy Slattery DURING RECONSTRUCTION : ROBERT ELLIOTT GEORGE MEEKER WALLIS CLARK IRVING BACON ADRIAN MORRIS J. M. KERRIGAN OLIN HOWLAND YAKIMA CANUTT . BLUE WASHINGTON .. WARD BOND CAMMIE KING MICKEY KUHN LILLIAN KEMBLE COOPER The Yankee Major 3 he His Poker-playing Captains .. The Corporal .. A Carpetbagger Orator Johnny Gallegher A Yankee Business Man A Renegade His Companion Tom, A Yankee Captain Bonnie Blue Butler Beau Wilkes Bonnie’s Nurse re kote kK KKK KR KR KK Kw KKK KK KKK