Gone With the Wind (MGM) (1952)

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Who's Whe of Produ clion David O. Selznick’s Production of Margaret Mitchell’s “ GONE WITH THE WIND ” Colour by 'Technicolor w. A Selznick International Picture An M-G-M Release Directed by VICTOR FLEMING Screen Play by SIDNEY HOWARD Music by MAX STEINER : Associate LOU FORBES | WwW ILLIAM CAMERON ME iz IES Art Direction by LYLE WHEELER Photographed by 4 ERNEST HALLER, A.S.C. Technicolor Assoctates RAY RENNAHAN, A.S.C. WILFRID M. CLINE, A.S.C. Special Photographic Effects by JACK COSGROVE Associate (Fire Effects) LEE ZAVITZ Costumes Designed by WALTER PLUNKETT Scarlett’s Hats by JOHN FREDERICS __Interiors by JOSEPH B. PLATT ; Interior Decoration by EDWARD G. BOYLE Supervising Film, Editor HAL C. KERN Associate Film Editor JAMES E. NEWCOM Scenario Assistant BARBARA KEON Recorder FRANK MAHER Make-up and Hair Styling MONTY WESTMORE ASHLEY WILKES : No.303. MELANIE HAMILTON portrayed by portrayed by LESLIE HOWARD OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND No. 300. RHETT BUTLER} portrayed by CLARK GABLE No. 301. SCARLETT O’HARA No. 302. portrayed by VIVIEN LEIGH In May 1943, a plane en Olivia de Havilland, the Vivien Leigh will always route to London from Lisbon | girl discovered by Max be remembered as the girl Clark Gable, the fans’ choice for the part of Rhett was shot down over the sea. Associates HAZEL ROGERS, BEN NYE Dance Directors FRANK FLOYD, EDDIE PRINZ Historian WILBUR G, KURTZ Technical Advisers SUSAN MYRICK, WILL PRICE Research LILLIAN K. DEIGHTON er Production Manager RAYMOND A. KLUNE Technicolor Co. Supervisor NATALIE KALMUS Associate HENRI JAFFA ) . Second Assistant Director “ -RIDGEWAY CALLOW Production Continuity LYDIA SCHILLER, CONNIE EARLE Mechanical Engineer R. D. MUSGRAVE Construction Superintendent HAROLD FENTON / Chief Grip FRED WILLIAMS In Charge of Wardrobe EDWARD P. LAMBERT Associates MARIAN DABNEY, ELMER ELLSWORTH Casting Managers CHARLES RICHARDS FRED SCHUESSLER Assistant Director ERIC G. STACEY Butler, in David O. Selznick’s Technicolor production of “Gone With The Wind,” now re-presented by M-G-M =| tale aah pie ee Pee Theatre, played an interesting succession of top roles in motion pictures before he was signed to present one of the most amazingly complex characters ever to appear on the screen. A’ screen career was not among the early ambitions of Clark Gable, but one Sunday evening he met two young actors from a local stock company. They asked him to witness a play from backstage, and he was so impressed with the experience that he hung around the theatre for weeks. He had determined to be come an actor. Considerable water, however, passed under the mill before Gable reached the full stature of an who won the most controversial role in the history of motion pictures—the part of Scarlett O’Hara in David O. Selznick’s Technicolor production of “‘ Gone With The Wind,” now re-presented by MISGEM sat thee lish sseeccsce Theatre. Miss Leigh first appeared in a number of minor picture roles, and then made her stage bow. “The Mask of Virtue,” presented by Sydney Carroll at the Ambassador Theatre, was her best play. “Miss Leigh shared in its success and was hailed by critics as a definite “ find.”” When Selznick was searching for Scarlett, Miss Leigh appeared in Hollywood and became a last-minute candidate, finally winning the screen’s .most coveted role from all her competitors and winning the Academy Award of 1939 for her performance. Among the passengers missing and officially reported killed was Leslie Howard, stage and screen actor, film producer, writer and broadcaster and portrayer. of Ashley Wilkes in David O. Selznick’s ‘Technicolor production of ‘‘ Gone With The Wind,” now re-presented by M-G-M™ at™ the =............ Theatre. His tragic passing robbed the screen of one of its most distinguished and charming personalities, a man who enjoyed world-. wide fame and immense personal popularity yet remained modest and unassuming throughout. He was a Londoner by birth and served with distinction in the First World War. Invalided home, he left his pre-war position as a bank clerk and became an actor. Reinhardt in his Hollywood Bowl production of ‘““ A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” portrays the role of Melanie Wilkes, the patient, loyal and devoted wife of Ashley Wilkes and friend of Scarlett O’Hara, in David O. Selznick’s Technicolor production of ‘Gone With The Wind,”’ now re-presented by M-G-M . -at the <=... 0.0.05. Theatre. Her rise to stardom is one of Hollywood’s most unusual success __ stories. During the summer of 1935, Miss de _ Havilland, then living in Saratoga, California, made her bid for an acting career by getting a job as second understudy in the role of ‘‘Hermia” in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Strangely enough her first screen tole was also in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Location Manager MASON LITSON _ actor. Scenic Department Superintendent HENRY J. STAHL, Electrical Superintendent WALLY OETTEL A Chief Electrician JAMES POTEVIN * : * 4 Properties ; q ; ength: 19,793 feet Manager HAROLD COLES g ? The four star portraits featured . On the Set ARDEN CRIPE above are all coarse screen blocks Greens ROY A. McLAUGHLIN 3 hours, 40 minutes Drapes JAMES FORNEY Special Properties Made by ROSS B. JACKMAN Tara Landscaped by FLORENCE YOCH> Still Photographer FRED PARRISH Running Time : suitable for newspaper use. “A’’ Censor Certificate Reg. No. : F 2958 . They are all in 55 screen and the hire fee for each is 6/6. When ordering, please quote block Camera Operators number. ARTHUR ARLING, VINCENT FARRAR Be Assistant Film Editors he *» RICHARD VAN ENGER / ERNEST LEADLEY Registered as a foreign film | Ke wew Kw KK KKK KKK KO Khu Ky }