Gone With the Wind (MGM) (1952)

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IDEAS * TIE-UPS x TIPS FOR TICKET-SELLING § oe Page 6 SHOWMANSHIP eRe EVERYBODY wants to see THE G. W. r. W. NOVEL AGAIN I Never in the history of motion pictures has there been such a film as “Gone With The Wind,” except, of course, colossal QUO VADIS which is still to be released . . . and never has there been so strong and insistent a public demand for its re-presentation. Every single person who saw this Technicolor miracle on its initial releases is anxious to see it again and there is a large potential audience of those who did not have the pleasure of seeing it when it was first writing box-office history. Your only problem on this great epic is one of coverage— how best you can tell everybody that it is coming again to your theatre. : ; 9 ACADEMY AWARDS! Some theatres might like to exploit this angle, in which case please note that we are prepared to loan you 2ft. cut out Oscars, free of charge! Complete list of actual awards also available. MULLER ULL LULU UU SHEET MUSIC & RECORDS The book, one of the great all time best sellers, is published by MacMillan’ and Co., Ltd. of St. Martin’s Street, London, W.C.2. woe Sees GONE WITHTHE WIND | | aoe 3 TUNEG FROM THE GREAT FILM Berners Street, “GONE WITH THE WIND” aS London, W.1, have | ous produced the following excellent piano selection of “‘ Gone With The Wind” music. It offers you an excellent opportunity for local book tie-ups, window displays, etc., and other ideas which might pay off are :— (a) Distribution of book marks to local bookshops stocking the novel. (These are available from us at 25/per 1,000. Please see page 8). “John Brown’s Body.” “My Old Ken; tucky Home.” (b) ‘The presentation of copies of the novel to your local editors. (You should be able to get these at trade prices from local book dealers). “Marching (c) Opening night invites to leading figures in the local book world, book dealers, ‘Through Georgia.” book department heads of local stores, heads of public and circulating libraries, ** Massa’s in the | ‘Cold, Cold Ground.” ““Camptown Races.”’ ** Old Folks.” “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again.” teachers, etc: (d) Large ‘“‘ walking’ books, large enough, in fact, to house a human being— head out at the top—legs free for walking. (Locally produced). “Dixie.” (e) Or not quite such large books, for carrying by attractive girl around town, in Cover is illustrated and provides you with a feneY. made bus queues, on buses, in busy shopping centres, etc. (Again locally produced). showcard for local music shop tie-ups. A good selection is also recorded on COLUMBIA DX981. st ce os eo tn ke OE Ke RE KR RE Ee