Gone With the Wind (MGM) (1952)

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il REGS Page 7 ; Exploit the picture’s famous book characters — The stars millions of readers want to see on the screen again ! mi eR’ Life size Cut Outs for use in Theatre foyer, windows, on front of house, etc. Please ask for details of our blow-up service. In addition to the stills illustrated we offer the following : Thomas Mitchell Still. — GWTW 4. . Also available—10 x 8 star portraits of ALL the principal players in the film. Please ask for 10 x 8 star portraits, listing stars required. Koike wi wk Still GWTW 1. GONE WITH THE WIND COSTUMES If you can’t get them locally “Gone With The Wind”’ costumes can be hired from C. Samuels Ltd., Rupert Street, London, W.1. Please quote measurements when ordering and state type of costume required, male—civilian or uniform (North or South) or female. Special “GONE WITH THE WIND” hiring fee £1 1s. per costume per week. STREET STUNTS Here are a few suggestions for street stunts : (a) Have girl dressed as Scarlett. (b) Have a man dressed as Rhett Butler. (c) Have stage coach with people dressed in costumes of the period. (d) OR a young couple in an open landau. PERIOD COSTUMES It would lend considerable atmosphere to the opening of ‘‘ Gone With The Wind” if you would have your usherettes and box-office girls dressed in costumes of the period. This could be continued through the run of the picture if desired. TEASER CAMPAIGN “* GONE WITH THE WIND’ returns” using every medium you can think of — Heralds — Streamers —Have a rubber stamp made and get your local bootrepairer to stamp the soles of one week’s repairs ! — Taxi windscreens —Buses and Trams — Press, slides, milk bottle tops, letter headings, menus, etc., etc. NAME THE TEN GREATEST FILMS OF ALL TIME! This kind of a contest will place emphasis on the greatness of GONE WITH THE WIND. Suggested for newspaper or theatre foyer. It requires contestants to select the BIGGEST thrill picture out of their lists of 10—and give their reasons why. A typical 10 Best List could be: Still GWTW 2. Still GWTW 3. < ti 16mm Trailers 16mm. trailers, are of course, available on this film, as with all our major productions. Fullest technical guidance and — pointers as to how this brilliant new form of away-from-the-theatre publicity can be used are given in our “Promotion pointers on the use of 16mm. trailers to publicise 35mm. films.” If you have not already received a copy please apply for one to this office. If you experience any difficulty in borrowing a 16mm. projector get in touch with us. We MIGHT be able to help you. MINT JULEP FROM THE OLD SOUTH Can you effect a link with local restaurants, hotels, etc., whereby they put MINT JULEP on their * drink list to ‘‘ celebrate the representation of ‘GONE WITH THE WIND’.” * For an old Mississippi Mint * Julep recipe please apply to this office. ba Birth of a Nation,” ‘‘ Trader Horn,” ‘The Big Parade,’ “Mutiny on the Bounty,” ‘‘ The Good Earth,” “‘ San Francisco,” “Tvanhoe,” ‘‘ King Solomon’s Mines,” “‘ Quo Vadis.”’ Personal Column Insertions under this heading are usually very reasonable in cost. Try this one as something unusual : “LOST—Wallet containing cash and cinema tickets to see ‘Gone With The Wind’ at the ...next week. Finder can keep the cash but please return tickets for this great film to Box Office Daily Times.” Stair Risers STAIR RISERS can be used on stairways leading from the lounge to the main foyer, and TEASER CARDS placed in strategic spots throughout the theatre. “ COMING SOON ! GONE WITH THE WIND.” UUITIUIIUVUUUTUTTUCTUUTUTEUTOUUUTETTUTREE TUTTE HIGHLY COLOURED PENNANTS A set of bunting pennants, as illustrated below, highly coloured on good, durable cloth. Each pennant measuring 18” x 24”. Hire fee per set per week, 10/-; Meee eke ke keke ee ee eek ke x Excellent for both interior and exterior use. 15/for two weeks.