Gone With the Wind (MGM) (1952)

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G.W.T.W. gets | 12 SHEETS 40 MILLION CIRCULATION! pp lpaiaag GONE —and hundreds of windows! A national tie-up has been arranged with Scroll . *“* Star’? Pens who are curHitch rently featuring Vivien Leigh Pe with credits to “‘ Gone With The Wind” in a series of press advertisements sched. uled for ALL National | dailies, all Sunday papers and the three London Even 12 sheet (allows for 4 sheet theatre heading on 16 sheet site). In three colours as illustrated. Price—9/each. Your Writing ings. This extensive coverage (an approximate circulation of 40 million) is to be supported by a special show| card, supplies of which are available from this office free KINE M-G-M £500 SHOWMANSHIP CONTEST This most popular Contest is now well into its FOURTH GREAT YEAR. Prizes and rules as before. of charge, for local window tie-ups. Scroll “ Star’’ Pens are sold through all leading stationers. The Press Please send your entries to :— d : is" rn The sh d (18” x 12”) is b Kine M-G-M £500 Showmanship Contest, advertisement is featured above. e showcard (15” x 12”) is based upon M-G-M Pictures Ltd., this layout. 9 Arlington Street, St. James Street, S.W.1. 48 SHEETS * Bookmarks * Bookmarks — in two colours — actual size 63” x 2” — Cost, including theatre overprinting 25/per 1,000. (See left) HUET 48 sheets. In three colours. (See below) Price £2 each. Space allowed, as illustrated, for theatre slipping—size 60” x 20”. SEE ...