Gone With the Wind (MGM) (1952)

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| ; . : age . : Page 9 TITLE TIE-UPS| -and 10 x 8 stills for local tie-ups ! “Your clothing (grocery, food, footN th : ; 3 . P d wear, travel, etc.) problems will be ‘ Gone umerous other window displays are possible using the following 10 x 8 stills. | With The Wind ’ if you shop at Blanks ! ”’ Adapted to various products, the above | might land not only a series of windows but a composite page in your local paper. ee a ae ae ae a ae ss SERTALISATION © A 5,000 word newspaper serialisation, with blocks, is available free of charge to all theatres. The serialisation should first appear prior to your opening, finishing during your actual week of playdate. ; Antique shops, period Olivia de Havilland, a © Men’s Shop—Gable and A Wedding group—for t Bisse? ack foc Ce WIT. newanaper furniture. © Olivia de user of Lux Toilet Soap. the ‘new’ vogue in men’s_ fashion store and _ local serialisation with bidekect = = ~ Havilland. GWTW 5.. GWTW 8. _ evening Shirts. photographers. GWTW 10. GWTW 9. KKK RK Ke ae IMPORTANT TO THEATRES ! The numbered stills detailed in these pages are available to theatres at a cost of 6d. each. NOTE WHEN ORDERING Fashions on the ‘ Then Hosiery featuring the Can Tobacconists. Gable and Unless otherwise stated in the and Now’ theme. Can Girls. GWTW 7. Hattie McDonald. Gable individual paragraphs, all items GWTW 6. smoking a cigar. detailed in this campaign sheet GWTW 11. should be ordered from our Advertising Accessories Dept., 19 Tower Street, London, W.C.2, mentioning playdate. M+G>M REPRESENTS... KKK RR ee ek Ss DAVID 0. SELZNICK'S cee eK ek ® “GONE | M-G-M’s DE-LUXE HERALDS BANNERETTES —and how to use them Each pennant 3ft. deep x 2ft. wide. Set of three. WITH THE i : : ; Enclosed with this Press Book is a super two-colour _ Ideal for canopy, foyer, window displays, parades, etc. epilav > Tabs a task ae se Wording of pennants is :— Start your showmanship 1. Everybody wants to see GWTW again! i 99 brain working on these angles : 2. As illustrated. WIND ; es : ; 3. Starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Insert in store packages. Distribute in sheet music Howard, Olivia de Havilland. and record stores, recreational areas, schools. Hire fee £1 per set per week. : A SELZNICK INTERNATIONAL PICTURE Hand out thousands of them in your street stunts. Hand them out well ahead of playdate. Patrons will : ; Colour by : take them home for their families to rea Fe a ee TECHNICOLOR oe ; GIANT BANNERS Linen banners, 20ft. long by 3ft. deep, in full colour, with complete film details, for use on front of house, across street and open sites. Hire fee £1 per week, 30/for two weeks. (Illustrated below). Try for door to door distribution from your theatre— as inserts in local papers. Front page allows space for inserting your theatre name and playdate. Price 32/6 per 1,000, including overprint. Order direct from us giving as much notice as possible, please. mSige m AEPRESENTS CLARK re staa ea * VIVIEN LEIGH-LESLIE HOWARD * OLIVIA de HAVILLAND in David O.Selznicks production of "GONE WITH THE WIND A-Selzick Internationol Picture Colour by TEGHNIGOLOR