Gone With the Wind (MGM) (1952)

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ADVANCE x TEASER AND CURRENT Pagel® ADVERTISEMENTS ie: PLEASE NOTE : The catchlines incorporated in THE GREATEST IN THE HISTORY seven advertisements in this cam' OF THE SCREEN NOW RETURNS. BY paign sheet are not included in the block and can, therefore, be YOUR DEMAND ! altered to individual requirements. This does NOT apply to blocks 309 5 Y XQ DAVID O. SELZNICK’'s production of MARGARET MITCHELL's MILLIONS have The greatest film of demanded the your—or any—lifetime ! RETURN of this FABULOUS EPIC! Se raeter et: RE Ss DAVID O. ee MITCHELL'S DAVID ©. SELZNICK's production of MAR : ; ES MARGARET MITCHELL's be Rats Poe in TECHNICOLOR starring ' CLARK VIVIEN LESLIE OLIVIA HOWARD —DeHAVILLAND A Selznick International Picture Ske Directed by Victor Fleming. Cert. A in TECHNICOLOR starring i A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer CLARK VIVIEN Ny Re-presentation GABLE LEIGH Bia <0 aa LESLIE OLIVIA in TECHNICOLOR starring HOWARD DellAVILLAND wey ae No. 312. 4 inch doubl I dverti block. Hire fee 10/6 AS Relies ohaisaliace Pik Oo. : inch double column advertisement block. ire fee i Cade or se tea CABLE LEIGH A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer LESLIE OLIVIA Re-presentation HOWARD — DelfAVILLAND No. 308. 3 inch single column adverA Selznick International Picture tisement block. Hire fee 7/-. Directed by Victor Fleming. Cert. A A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Re-presentation ORAS SN ENTE ESET IE SLL ES OD TS . . EVERYBODY wants to see it again ! No. 310. 4 inch single column advertisement block. Hire fee 8/-. The greatest film of your—or any—lifetime ! DAVID O. SELZNICK’'s production of MARGARET MITCHELL's VERLgORE again wants to ALLS EE SL LT IR see —the greatest epic in screen history ! DAVID O. SELZNICK’'s production of MARGARET MITCHELL's O : ‘aoe The film that everybody eae, wants to see again \/ CLARK » VIVIEN : ie een GABLE LEIGH and again ! in TECHNICOLOR Bias: LESLIE CLARK VIVIEN Pip mate eae } HOWARD oe kek GABLE LEIGH gi é LESLIE OLIVIA OLIVIA Ye ' : DeHAVILLAND GONE WITH HOWARD. DelfAVILLAND : THE WIND A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer © iw tecunicoror 4 y A Selznick International Picture Re-presentation NN . ey P Seg Directed by Victor Fleming. Cert. A A Selznick International Picture SS See A sep isan Slaten -pr No. 309. 24 inch single column adverNo. 311. 1 inch single column adver tisement block. Hire fee 6/9. tisement block. Hire fee 6/6. No, 313. 3 inch double column advertisement block. Hire fee 9/-.° Kae whe Ka KKK OK KK KK KOKO K KKK