Gone With the Wind (MGM) (1967)

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Hoey fine & hi oe vouns inpiviwusust ar FRANKLIN WSIMON fs the splendor of 7Omm witia screen and fill steranghonic sound! DAVID 0. SELZNICK’S vocsccsco: ox MARGARET MITEHELL'S Starring OLARK GABLE and VIVIEN LEIGH as Stariett O Hara, the most staquaringly marvelous mont forever-and-everunforgeltable YOUNG INDIVIDU. ALIST? of all Ome. FRANKLIN “SIMON ++ FRANKLIN SIMON uarts Shetland castings, % Stier tor dare Wistar shades a nad Ge the ade, one Hegpad with & # DESOO, the gitar mechingy: é Of Shatiand «oul, Sizes Btn 13. You Hi Peer : ‘ FIFTH AVENUE REW ¥ORK ave SE] fal PEE — secrmver. 1967 Ronnies Seadet O'Hare velvets é & RGR PROS BHA ate Bo pure as: Tora HRCI, SIRI Sis cao oe Ree FIFTH AVENUE > NEW YORK Py oe . BRO SBE BERG acne Gay Gibsons lace nostalgia aco ’ aR Wwi — gatc izes Ste Es Se + enh iM i PHRF v» Hoventier, 198} ay sees Sf git ffi ~ poyesties, 17 The September 1967 issue of Harper’s Bazaar as well as the November 1967 issue of Seventeen Magazine spotlighted fantastic fashion features on GONE WITH THE WIND. In Harper’s Bazaar the creations designed for Franklin-Simon are displayed and in Seventeen, Best and Company’s clothes are featured. Inspited by the film and created by some of America’s foremost designers, these fashions will also be handled by other leading department stores in large cities where no Franklin-Simon or Best and Company are located. Get a promotion campaign going in your city by taking the following steps: 1. Contact the fashion coordinator and arrange for a fashion show in conjunction with your opening; 2. Provide the store with stills and posters to be used in window and interior displays; 3. In coordination with the store, you should provide the women’s page or fashion editor on your local papers with an advance release regarding the GONE WITH THE WIND: fashion show; 4, A request should also be made for the papers to have a photographer on hand for coverage of your opening night activities; 5. You should also make provision for a line or box mentioning the GONE WITH THE WIND fashion show in your amusement page advertising. Check your local specialty and fashion shops and show them the special sections in Harper’s Bazaar and Seventeen. You will be surprised how easy it will be to make a tie-up using the title theme as the cornerstone.