Gone With the Wind (MGM) (1967)

Record Details:

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Heading the record parade of GONE WITH THE WIND music, MGM Records is releasing the first album to be taken directly from the sound track of GONE WITH THE WIND. The album consists of 13 selections in stereophonic sound from Max Steiner's memorable score and features this official 32 page illustrated souvenir program of color photographs and text. See the promotion checklist below and plan a strong campaign around this album. 1. CONTACT your local MGM distributor (See list) and make arrangements for a cooperative effort on setting up music store window displays and interior exhibits; 2. PLAN to furnish your leading disc jockeys with copies of the album; 3. ARRANGE for tie-in album give-aways; 4. PLAY the album in advance through your lobby public address system, and use the recording for auditorium music before and after your current feature attraction; SIRO ST This MOM Umited editing ca 5. GIVE the album as a gift to every newspaper movie critic and music critic. DS PHE SPLENDOR OF WEDE SCORERS FOMM ANTS PULL STE RPOPHON EC SOMOMD GONE WITH THE WIND tEARR GABE, VES LEIGH LEAL TEROARD OLR TAdcH MTEL ANB PHTIS STIRRING: PRA ES SOMES TLRS, SNES HISTOR ES PUPP OCH APES, CAPTURED FOREN ERIN THESE PLUS PESTO ER STS ALD MIS PHAGES ACL ATSIET PROM THE CS LOAD COLLECT IO’. Columbia Records has produced the striking three-wing store display (above) featuring the well-known Legacy Albums in conjunction with GONE WITH THE WIND. This will be their major promotion piece used for national distribution. The highly-acclaimed Legacy Series from Columbia Records provides a natural tie-in to this exciting release of GONE WITH THE WIND with two outstanding albums: THE UNION and THE CONFEDERACY. These deluxe book and record packages recapture the stirring era of GONE WITH THE WIND through the music, the pictures, the words, and the sounds of this historic period. THE UNION contains a record featuring the marches and songs of the time, an authentic Civil War cannon shot, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and more, plus a 60-page picture book with essays by celebrated historians like Bruce Catton, Allan Nevins, and Clifford Dow by his cousin, Rev. Edmond Jennings Lee, as well as the authentic rebel yell, and marches and songs of the Confederates, along with a 32-page picture book with essays by Bruce Catton and Clifford Dowdey. Another Columbia album—and another natural for GONE WITH THE WIND promotion—is Percy Faith’s top selling album (depicted on this page) of great motion picture themes, featuring ““Tara’s Theme” as the title number. The Columbia Records field promotion staff (listed below) dey. And the companion volume, THE CONFEDERACY, will be eager to cooperate with you in setting up counter displays, window displays, record give-away contests and other ATLANTA, GA. (4) SOUTHLAND RECORD DIST. 1235 Techwood Drive 404/TR 3-2081 Gerald Friedman Bill Binkley Gwen Kesler Larry King (P) BALTIMORE, MD. (9) JOS. M. ZAMOISKI CO. 1101 De Soto Road 301/MI 4-2900 Jerry Friedman Irv Gomprecht Joe Bilello (P) BOSTON, MASS. (11) MUSIC SUPPLIERS, INC. 75 N. Beacon Street §17/254-1780 Gordon Dinerstein Ed Calmus Paul Maged (P) CHARLOTTE, N. C. (17) MANGOLD RECORD DISTS. 2212 W. Morehead St. 704/334-0866 Herbert Weisman Dub Plyer CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (18) METRO RECORD DISTS. 1112 S. Wabash Avenue 312/341-0660 Morrie Price Jim Schuler (P) CLEVELAND, OHIO (25) MAINLINE, INC. 1260 East 38th Street 216/EX 1-1800 Joe Simone Eugene Shipley Topper Schroeder (P) DALLAS, TEXAS (30) B & K DISTS. 1411 Roundtable Drive 214/ME 7-1921 Bill Burton Tom Sims Nevin St. Romaine (P) DENVER, COLO. (29) ACTION RECORD DISTS. 1622 Federal Blvd. 303/222-1681 Earl Woolf Eddie Hacker W. T. Baker Radio Corp. of America 6363 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, Calif. 90028 (213-461-9171 Ext. 323) W. E. Graham 1507 Notre Dame Avenue Belmont, California 94002 (415-591-0496) J. L. Bego J. Dill : 2311 Fountain View Drive 8 Victoria Drive Apt. No. 31 Guilderland, New York (518-482-3764) C. W. Hall 20830 Rutland, Suite 203 Southfield, Mich. 48075 (313-353-7981) R. L. Holt RCA Victor Recording Div. 800 17th Ave. South Nashville, Tennessee (615-255-5781) Houston, Texas 77027 (713-782-7484) C. J. Boyd One Observatory Hill Cincinnati, Ohio 45208 (513-321-5147) W. Cochran Radio Corp. of America 14 Executive Park Drive, N.E. Atlanta, Ga. 30329 (404-634-6131) J. Del Medico 19216 Pacific Highway South R. J. King Apt. 108-16 4940 Marchwood Drive Seattle, Washington 98188 St. Louis County 28, Mo. : (206-824-5591) (314-843-9302) MGM RECORD DISTRIBUTORS DETROIT, MICH. (34) JAY KAY DISTS. 13401 Lyndon Avenue 313/BR 3-7001 John Kaplan Tom Schlessinger Larry Benjamin (P) E. HARTFORD, CONN. (38) EASTERN RECORD DISTS. 360 Totland Street 203-289-7431 Dick Godlewski Frank Sutter Jose Santocristo Bob Greenberg (P) GREAT FALLS, MONT. (44) MUSIC SERVICE CO. P.O. Box 2487 316 Sixth Avenue So. 406/761-2420 HONOLULU, HAWAII (46) ERIC DIST. CO. 607 Coral Street 511-657 Irv Pinensky Dwight Yamaguchi LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (56) METRO RECORD DISTS. 2053 Venice Blvd. 213/733-2114 Mel Price Bob Brown (P) Johnny Mahan (P) MIAMI, FLORIDA (59) MAINLINE RECORD SERVICE OF MIAMI 54 N.E. 181 Street 305/621-3694 Sherm Lieberman Tom Sgro (P) BLOOMINGTON, MINN. (67) HAROLD N. LIEBERMAN CO. 9549 Penn Avenue South 612/888-5521 Al Abrams Jim Nash (P) NASHVILLE, TENN. (69) SOUTHERN RECORD DISTS. 467 Chestnut Street 615/AL 4-1991 Howard Allison R. S. Krueger Radio Corp. of America 445 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago 11, Illinois (312-222-1550) R. D. Maxwell 1190 Driftwood Drive Pittsburgh, Pa. 15216 (412-276-5414) T. A. McCusker 3234 Darbyshire Drive Dallas, Texas (214-357-4744) J. Nadeau 1320 West 73 Street Minneapolis, Minn. 55423 (612-869-5705) F. J. O’Donnell 48 Islington Road Auburndale 66, Mass. (617-332-5510) NEW ORLEANS, LA. (70) ALL SOUTH RECORD DISTS. 1924 Lafayette Street 504/522-1157 Henry Hildebrand Stanley Chaisson (P) NEW YORK, N. Y. (73) METRO RECORD DISTS. 547 West 52nd Street 212/CO 5-1872 Stan Drayson Jerry Armour Ron Weisner (P) PHILADELPHIA, PA. (145) RAYMOND ROSEN AND CO. Parkside at 51 Street 215/TR 8-2200 Paul Knowles Norman Umin Kay Woodard (P) ST. LOUIS, MO. (91) ROBERTS RECORD DISTS. 1906 Washington Avenue 314/MA 1-0075 Norman Hausfater Glen Bruder (P) SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (85) BILLINIS RECORD DIST. 3575 S. 100 West 801/266-3540 John Billinis SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (84) MAINLAND DISTS. 645 Bryant Avenue 415/989-6286 Dave Watson Bill Wieland Grant Gibbs (P) SEATTLE, WASH. (89) C & C DISTS. 1000 First Avenue So. 206/MU 2-7188 Stan Sulman R. A. Harlan Ron Saul (P) SHREVEPORT, LA. (87) STAN’S RECORD SHOP 728 Texas Street 318/422-7182 Stan Lewis Ronnie Lewis In conjunction with the re-release of GONE WITH THE WIND, RCA Victor Records is re-issuing its album of music composed and conducted by Max Steiner. The score which took three months to write, $100,000 to record, is reputed to be the longest ever composed for a film. For promotional purposes, you can obtain copies of these albums from the RCA field staff below. RCA VICTOR RECORD FIELDMEN W. Patterson 18 Jackson Road Bloomfield, Conn. (203-242-2315) T. A. Potter 309 Colesville Manor Dr. Silver Spring, Md. (301-384-6240) C. Rice RCA, 6363 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, Calif. 90028 (213-461-9171 EXT. 335) P. Sklar 2100 Tremont Street Philadelphia, Penn. 19115 (215-OR6-5739) J. G. Trifero Radio Corp. of America 36 West 49th Street New York, N. Y. (MU 9-7200 Ext. RC503) includes a recording of General Lee’s Farewell Address spoken COLUMBIA RECORDS REGION | REGIONAL MGR: REGIONAL MGR: Boston (Waltham), Hartford, Zim Zemarel Jim Green REGIONAL MGR: Gene Ferguson Syracuse 5932 Northwood Drive Columbia Records Sales Hill Road Baltimore, Maryland 21212 3510 Chester Avenue Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 REGIONAL MGR: (301) 435-7668 Cleveland, Ohio 44114 (615) 833-1688 Sal Ingeme Ted Kellem (216) 431-6300 Donald Burt P.O. Box 249 Columbia Records Steve Popovich Columbia Records 4 Penn Center Plaza, Suite 224 Phila., Pennsylvania 19103 (215) LO 8-4445 Earl Rollinson Columbia Records Universal Bldg. No., 16141 West Eight Mile Road Suite 1113 Detroit, Michigan 48235 1875 Connecticut Ave., N.W. (313) 273-8616 Washington, D. C. 20009 Solly Solomon (202) 332-2300 CL Sales Office Charles W. Thagard Porter Bldg. Columbia Records Sixth & Grant Streets 3641 North West 67th Street pittsburgh, Penn. 15219 Miami, Florida 33147 (412) 261-2844 Columbia Records Sales 3510 Chester Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44114 (216) 431-6300 Russ Yerge CL Sales Office John Hancock Bldg. St. Charles Ave. at Lee Circle New Orleans, La. 70130 (502) 524-4546 Eugene Denonovich Columbia Records 2151 59th Street St. Louis, Missouri 63110 (314) MI 7-5101 Dick Ware Columbia Records 2151 59th Street St. Louis, Missouri 63110 (314) MI 7-5101 Wilmington, Mass. 01887 (617) 657-7835 Ed Hynes Columbia Records John Hancock Bldg. 75 Third Avenue Waltham, Mass. 02154 (617) 899-3814 Al Gurewitz Columbia Records 100 Constitution Plaza Rm. 600 Hartford, Conn. 06103 (203) 522-7151 (305) OX 6-0033 REGION V : Columbia Records M. G. King pg tear reaps Chicago, Minneapolis, 218 Harrison Street Comstock Distributing Co. saw Tower, Suite 444-47 Milwaukee Syracuse, N. Y. 13202 Meee Oe st So309 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 eee Laced: Deni (404) 876-0321 Gare Columbia Records REGION 11 REGION II! REGION IV 5404 West Touhy Avenue Phila., Washington, Miami, Cleveland, Detroit, Dallas, New Orleans, Skokie, Illinois 60076 Atlanta Pittsburgh, Cincinnati St. Louis (312) 675-8020 promotional activities. FIELD PROMOTION STAFF Hal Gold Columbia Records 5404 West Touhy Avenue Skokie, Illinois 60076 (312) 675-8020 Ronald D. Lynne Columbia Records F & M Bank Building, Suite 610 88 South Sixth Street Minneapolis, Minn. 55402 (612) 338-7001 John Galobick Morley Murphy Co., Inc. 5151 West State Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208 (414) GL 3-7200 REGION VI Los Angeles, Denver, Honolulu, San Francisco, Seattle REGIONAL MGR: Bruce Hinton 6922 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, California 90028 (213) HO 6-2481 Charles Gregory Columbia Records Sales Fox Plaza, Suite 810 San Francisco, Calif. 94102 (415) 431-6996 Bob Moering Jeff Clark Columbia Records Sales 6922 Hollywood Blivd., Suite 702 Hollywood, Calif. 90028 (213) HO 6-2481 Bill Keane Columbia Records Sales Fox Plaza, Suite 810 San Francisco, Calif. 94102 (415) 431-6996 REGION Vil New York REGIONAL MGR: Tony Martell Columbia Records Sales 545 Madison Avenue New York City, N. Y. 10022 (212) HA 1-4700 Frank Campana Nick Cortale Columbia Records Sales 545 Madison Avenue New York City, N. Y. 10022 (212) HA 1-4700 SHEET MUSIC THE REMICK MUSIC CORPORATION has published sheet music featuring ““Tara’s Theme” and “My Own True Love’, both depicted on this page. It ts also issuing accordion, choral, orchestral and organ arrangements of ‘Tara's Theme” Contact all retail outlets and provide them with stills, posters and other accessories that will attract public attention to window and interior displays. Also, take advantage of any opportunity to present sheet music to local orchestras in night clubs, hotels, ballrooms and radio and television stations for playing during your run of GONE WITH THE WIND. wet by Ka STEUER Va a Saxe tes READ BREE ON,