Gone With the Wind (MGM) (1967)

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POCKET BOOK The Pocket Book edition of GONE WITH THE WIND, which has sold over two million copies since 1958, has been issued again in conjunction with the release of the movie. Utilizing as cover art the full color painting from the film’s advertising campaign, Pocket Books has mounted an elaborate promotional campaign that has already increased sales 500%: over the past two years. Here’s what to do... 1. CONTACT your local Pocket Book distributor. Tell him about your playdate. Ask him to set up counter, rack and window displays for which you will provide heralds and stills. 2. ARRANGE to send copies of the book to press, radio and television personalities, heads of key organézations, top political figures and other public opinion builders. The Macmillan Company has announced publication of a new two-volume, large print set of GONE WITH THE WIND for readers who find normal print difficult. This edition is now on sale in quality book stores everywhere across the country for $13.95. In addition, Macmillan also has a paperback which retails at $2.85, a regular hard cover which sells for $5.95 and a deluxe edition at $10.00. Macmillan’s Trade Sales Force (listed below) has been alerted to work with MGM’s Field Press Representatives in arranging special displays and tie-in theatre/bookstore promotions as well as distribution of GONE WITH THE WIND book marks which can be made locally. THE MACMILLAN COMPANY TRADE SALES DEPARTMENT, 866 Third Avenue New York, New York 10022 DIRECTOR OF ASSISTANT DIRECTOR TRADE SALES OF TRADE SALES Arthur Stiles William Donovan 41 Westwood Lane 83 So. Barrington Road Kings Park, N. Y. 11754 Barrington, III. 60010 516 265-8868 312 DU 1-4063 PRODUCT SALES SALES PROMOTION MANAGER MANAGER Robert Gold Barbara Heckethorn 157 East 72nd Street 27 East 92nd Street New York, N. Y. 10021 New York, N. Y. 10028 212 YU 8-2809 212 AT 9-3157 RESEARCH MANAGER Lou Brooks 85 Fourth Avenue New York, N. Y. 10003 212 473-5169 REGIONAL SALES MANAGERS REGION | REGION II REGION IV REGION V Joseph Fortin Kenneth Marshall Joseph Friedman Harry Creek P. O. Box 1606 9207 Mackinaw Drive 1011 Nameoke Street 2257 Beecher Road, S. W. Santa Monica, Cal. 90406 Afton, Mo. 63123 Far Rockaway, N. Y. 11691 Atlanta 11, Ga. 213 393-4901 314 ME 1-6049 212 GR 1-0897 404 758-2996