Gone With the Wind (MGM) (1967)

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In new screen splendor...The most magnificent victur cev er! DAVID 0.SELZNICKS + UCTION MARGARET MITCHELLS “GONE WITH THE WIND’ RRING CLARK GABLE VIVIEN LEIGH LESLIE HOWARD OLIVIA de HAVILLAND STEREOPHONIC SOUND -METROCOLOR Winner u An MGM Rerelease Academy Awards * HAE AT RE STARRING Winner 5 CLARK GABLE hese | RENE (12 8E Lines VIVIEN LEIGH LESLIE HOWARD OLIVIA de HAVILLAND A SELZNICK INTERNATIONAL PICTURE VICTOR FLEMING sot eo METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER INC.* MAX STEINER EE35> STEREOPHONIC SOUND-METROCOLOR mam monge vicrunt association wy | Fake iy (OE Se i= aie Rae“) ele = DAVID O.SELZNICK'S eroouction of MARGARET MITCHELLS Ad No. 270 — 240 Lines (2 Cols. x 120 Lines) © Innewscreen splendor... | The most magnificent picture ever! DAVID 0. SELZNICK'SS ponucnon o# MARGARET MITCHELLS In new screen splendor... The most magnificent picture ever! STARRING TARKGABLE bing VIVIEN LEIGH os LESLIE HOWARD OLIVIA de HAVILLAND cad Awards CLARK GABLE VIVIEN LEIGH. A SELZNICK INTERNATIONAL PICTURE “VICTOR FLEMING °SB8er wis METRO-GOLDIWN-MAYER ino. ttt, LESLIE HOWARD 2 _STEREOPHONIG SOUND: -METROCOLOR G9 wom OLIVIA de HAVILLAND ; STEREOPHONIC SOUND METROCOLOR : An MGM Re-release ate a er ai aes a ree ek Oe 3 eee Ad No. 173 — 52 Lines Ad No. 370 — 231 Lines (3 Cols. x 87 Lines)