Save the Children (Paramount Pictures) (1973)

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. ne Paramount Pictures presents Stellar Productions SAVE THE THE GIANTS OF THE 4 | IN COLOR A PARAMOUNT PICTURE CAlar e6ta tian oe A ALLAGES ADMITTED | JUBILATION OF LIFE? General Audiences SEZ, Paramount Pictures presents Stellar Productions’ SAVE THE CHILDREN an 14 LINES 1 COL. x rarnse All advertising in this press book, as well as all other advertising and publicity materials referred to therein, has been approved under the Standards for Advertising of the Code of Self-Regulation of the Motion Picture Association of America. All inquiries on this procedure may be addressed to: Director of Code for Advertising, Motion Picture Association of America, 522 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. 10036 All distributors Sheciling to the Code are pledged to include the seal, and the rating when required i in their advertising. Exhibitors are urged to retain the seal BOTH MIDGETS (shown above), in approved ads. Keep the rating tag prominently displayed when ED ON MAT 101 indicated. This is particularly important today. National research has proven that the majority of movie-goers want this guide. | | eR ea 50 LINES 2 COLS. x } [ 3), INCHES! a, 3% INCHES MAT 201 Paramount Pictures presents Stellar Productions” SAVE THE CHILDREN INCOLOR A PARAMOUNT PICTURE THE GIANTS OF THE THE GIANTS OF THE MUSIC EXPLOSION CAME MUSIC EXPLOSION TOGETHER IN A JUBILATION OF LIFE? CAME TOGETHER INA JUBILATION OF LIFE! 28 LINES 1 COL. x 1 2 INCHES THE Gi ANTS : Paramount Petures! isbosce Stellar Productions’ OF THE MUSIC SAVE THE EXPLOSION CAME CHILDREN TOGETHERINA IN COLOR APARAMOUNT [2 ED PICTURE | -/ " JUBILATION WN: OF LIFE? 50 LINES 1 COL. x } 3, INCHES MAT 102 COMPLETE CAMPAIGN MAT no" SAVE THE CHILDREN featuring (in alphabetical order) Order Special Mat #1 JERRY BUTLER THE CANNONBALL ADDERLEY QUINTET THE CHI LITES REVEREND JAMES CLEVELAND P SAMMY DAVIS, JR. ROBERTA FLACK MARVIN GAYE ISAAC HAYES THE JACKSON FIVE REVEREND JESSE Paramount Pictures presents Stellar Productions’ SAW THE JACKSON QUINCY JONES GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS THE RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO THE MAIN INGREDIENT Consints. of fi Mats CURTIS MAYFIELD THE O’JAYS THE STAPLE SINGERS THE TEMPTATIONS NANCY WILSON BILL WITHERS CHILDREN ZULEMA And many more. Executive Producer CLARENCE AVANT Produced by MATT ROBINSON |, ; Li i a sg oa CE mats Directed by STAN LATHAN Original soundtrack available on Motown Records and Tapes. | g IN COLOR A ERROR : And Publicity Mats se semnienel SED IN COLOR A PARAMOUNT PICTURE PICTURE) ; 1A + 1C * 2B wei) 7? Nee MAT 103 5 3% INCHES Te ee oc 330 LINES a COLS. My (SNGRES. 24INCHES MAT 301