Save the Children (Paramount Pictures) (1973)

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EXPLOITATION MUSIC PROMOTION One of the most outstanding features of SAVE THE CHILDREN is the overwhelming array of performers who combined their talents to make PUSH EXPO in Chicago such a huge musical success. In connection with the release of the film, Motown Records is distributing a two record album which captures all the music and excitement of the motion picture. The album jacket is adorned with scene stills from the film and the records feature the sounds of The Temptations, Bill Withers, The Jackson Five, Isaac Hayes and Roberta Flack to name just a few. It is easily one of the most powerful pop and soul music albums ever to be released. Contact your local Motown distributor as soon as possible and make him aware of your playdate and begin a joint promotion campaign which should include the following projects: Have a local radio station declare a SAVE THE CHILDREN day on the day of your opening. For one 24 hour period the station would program only performances by the talent which appears in the film. This would include extensive play of the soundtrack album as well as cuts from other albums recorded by SAVE THE CHILDREN performers. During the day-long musical extravaganza the station’s disc jockeys can periodically award passes to the film to lucky listeners. Arrange for local record shops to feature SAVE THE CHILDREN album displays in their windows and in the stores as well. The displays could be extended by adding other hit albums by performers in the film. The stores could also develop interest by a SAVE THE CHILDREN Sale which would offer discounts on all albums recorded by the film’s performers including the soundtrack. GROUP SALES POTENTIAL SAVE THE CHILDREN has been hailed as one of the few motion pictures which develops stature for black families and points up the continuing family warmth and positive upward social movement characteristic of today’s black community. This should be of great interest to church leaders and school teachers in your area, and you should encourage their purchase of blocks of tickets for their congregations and classes. Be sure all local group leaders are made aware of the social value of this film to maximize grosses for your theater. COLUMN ITEMS Alto-saxophone great Cannonball Adderley, who appears in Paramount Pictures’ “Save the Children,” acquired his unusual name when he was a youngster in Florida. “I used to eat anything,” he explains, “so the kids called me Cannibal. Older people couldn’t get the connection, so they called me Cannonball.” Adderley’s “real” name is Julian Edward. * oe * ok OF Reverend Jesse Jackson, the dynamic young president of Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity), whose recent Black EXPO in Chicago provides the framework for Paramount Pictures “Save the Children,” says the film captures major black performers at their peak. “The best of our people came home that week,” he exclaims, calling the festival “the greatest of its kind. Newport can’t even afford this kind of talent any more.” ORO eee PERE ok “When people ask me about the place where I was born, I like to say that two preachers came from Black Mountain, North Carolina. Billy Graham and I,” says songstress Roberta Flack, one of the stars of Paramount Pictures’ “Save the Children.” “He preaches in his way and I preach in my way,” says the singer whose million-selling platters include “Killing Me Softly With His Song” and “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” ak) Loy take RS ke Matt Robinson, who scored a long-running success as the star of “Sesame Street” and scripted the Shirley MacLaine starrer “The Possession of Joel Delaney” for Paramount Pictures, has turned film producer with Paramount's “Save the Children,” a musical-cum-documentary treatment of the Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) Black EXPO held in Chicago. Robinson describes the film as “the hours when people rocked to make a better world.” CREDITS EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ooo. ccccccccccceceresccrssesecseeeesetecntenapeateserecnnesntectens CLARENCE AVANT OO lr rr errr — ereee——— MATT ROBINSON a 2263 m,,mr,rlhl,r,—t—“ i‘“<‘<‘a< i<‘<‘C (RR *tCCSC:*SCiC a... STAN LATHAN =21¢2so rrr—s———Or”r—:.C—“ —<iCiOs—strsSsCS*s=< <2 GEORGE BOWERS * PAUL EVANS PRODUCTION MANAGER |... cece ecerscsserctnceeneesmerserserreree ees eeee ee HAL SCHAFFEL ASSISTANT DIRECTOR nec eee te tte tter ete ee DWIGHT WILLIAMS LIGHTING DIRECTOR eee etree tere: MICHAEL L. MANNES see e cise. hmhmrrrrrr—“—i“— eesti“ e.emhm—rtmCre PHIL RAMONE ART DIRECTOR 20ers ee tee ee CHARLES ROSEN PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY ......... CHARLES BLACKWELL * BOB FLETCHER * ROBERT GRANT DOUG HARRIS * RUFUS HINTON « ROY LEWIS * LEROY LUCAS * DAVID MYERS THE PERFORMERS (in Order of Appearance) MARVIN GAYE * THE STAPLE SINGERS * THE TEMPTATIONS * THE CHI LITES THE MAIN INGREDIENT * THE O’JAYS * ISAAC HAYES * ZULEMA THE CANNONBALL ADDERLY QUINTET * THE PUSH MASS CHOIR * ALBERTINA WALKER LORETTA OLIVER « REV. JAMES CLEVELAND ¢ BILL WITHERS * CURTIS MAYFIELD SAMMY DAVIS, JR. * ROBERTA FLACK * QUINCY JONES * GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE PIPS JERRY BUTLER * BRENDA LEE EAGER + THE RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO * NANCY WILSON THE JACKSON FIVE * JACKIE VERDELL ALSO FEATURING REV. WILLIE BARROW * DON CORNELIUS * YVONNE DANIELS ° OSSIE DAVIS DICK GREGORY « REV. HENRY HARDY * SMOKEY ROBINSON * RICHARD ROUNDTREE BILL RUSSELL * KIM WESTON « AND REVEREND JESSE JACKSON NARRATIVE WRITTEN AND SPOKEN BY ........... 0. eects reese: MATT ROBINSON SECOND UNIT PHOTOGRAPHY .....................-..... JIM MALLOY « LEROY PATTON * RON PITTS EQUIPMENT COORDINATOR ee eee EDDIE RAMIREZ ASSISTANT CAMERAMEN ............................ BOB ALLEN * JOE CALLOWAY * CLIVE DAVIDSON DANNY DAWSON * LAWRENCE GRUNBERG ¢ JACK HARRIS * RICHARD ISAAC BOBBY SHEPARD « JOE STRATTON * JAMES WALKER * ERIC WERNER SECOND UNIT SOUND RON LOVE + ONIKWA MUGWANA FILM STAGE MANAGER eee ERNEST BAXTER SYNC SPECIALIST cece cece tee e ee eee rsteenette te CAREY LINDLEY SOUND EDITOR _ once ter JOHN STRAUSS RERECORDED BY DON MCDOUGALL «+ ARMIN STEINER * JACK WOLTZ LIGHTING ASSISTANTS 22.0 TOBY MACBETH * BILL MAMCHES ASSISTANT EDITORS .............. GEORGE BERNDT * MARLAYNA FRANKLIN * VAUGHN HAZELL KEVIN LEE * MAURICE SCHELL * FREDERICK SHAINE Oe ,,,,r—“—O—st—st—=—ti—“‘(‘C ‘“‘“‘“CeWCO™C;*#*C*t*;*CC;C#COCOCCiCNC*N EVE/SCREEN GEMS ASSISTANT 10 [HE PRODUCER AIDA CHAPMAN PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS ..........................-...-. CORNELIA COVERDALE * SANDY LOVELACE BARBARA MCBAIN * ODESSA PEEPLES * JOE RAY * SAM WRIGHT STILL PHOTOGRAPHY .......................... JOHN TWEEDLE * WELDON ARTHUR MCDOUGAL II ARTWORK BY ... PAUL COLLINS * EUGENE GONZALES * ROBIN HARPER ESELEAN HENDERSON * KENNETH HOWARD * YAOUNDE OLU LORENZO PACE * ARTHUR ROLAND, JR. PUSH EXPO COORDINATOR occ cpecce tre reece eset RICHARD THOMAS GENERAL CHAIRMAN eects etter ee CELIOUS HENDERSON ART AND CULTURAL EXHIBIT COORDINATOR ........................ HERMENE WALLACE BUSINESS EXHIBIT COORDINATOR ©. leet es MICHAEL KNIGHTEN MUSICAL DIRECTOR cece erect tee eee erect GENE BARGE STAGE PRODUCTION COORDINATOR 2... PETER LONG ASSISTANT SIAGE COORDINAIOR oc CECIL HOLLINGSWORTH CONCERT SIAGE MANAGER ec eeertteetete eer cee cee eee nte erent JIM LUCAS STAGE PRODUCERS |... EWART ABNER * JULIAN “CANNONBALL” ADDERLY NAT ADDERLY * CECIL ELOMBE BRATH *« JO BRIDGES * CAL BURTON REV. JAMES CLEVELAND « DON FOSTER * HARVEY FUQUA * RONNIE GRANGER BILLY JOHNSON JOHN LEVY « TIM MARSHALL * SID MCCOY * REUBEN PHILLIPS ALBERTINA WALKER ° ED WILLIAMS SONG THE SONGS PUBLISHER IMMUN tee cee UPAM MUSIC ORINUT NO SUNSHINE oo cicoccscaccescccse cece ccses cctceccneccetceeeeesceens eter INTERIOR MUSIC AGAVE THE CHIDDREN lee cee JOBETE MUSIC NPE YOU SURE iorccecccc eter cece FRANK MUSIC CORP. HOM HAPPY DAY’... be KAMA RIPPA MUSIC/HAWKINS MUSIC “DADA WAS A ROLLIN’ STONE” ooo occcccccessccesceccncesccecsecectcececaeersteesss STONE DIAMOND MUSIC ONL TALL he ZAWINUL MUSIC POM, CUR etl Ot JULIO BRIAN MUSIC “EVERYBODY PLAYS THE FOOL’ cs GRANT ENTERPRISES HEUNGHING 6 et Pee ASSORTED MUSIC “STORMY Ronee ee ee GREGMART MUSIC THIG GCHIED OF MINE’ 9"... INTERIOR MUSIC HCOUNTRY PREACHER’ ..................... oe ZAWINUL MUSIC PUAN ONSME? oe eects INTERIOR MUSIC ANHATIS HAPPENIN, BROTHA?! occcccccccccecccceeccccec cided tesseseensceeteorece JOBETE MUSIC ‘WE PEOPLE WHO ARE DARKER THAN BLUE” 00.0. e CURTOM PUBLISHING HGIVE ME YOURLOVE? 0c. ee CAMAD MUSIC COMPANY EU aicloee) ca (2 eee ee ee DAMILA MUSIC CLEAR DAY) CHAPPELL MUSIC CKULER JOE? cc ROBERT MELLIN, INC./WHITE CASTLE MUSIC HP HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE? 0 ccectecg cess STONE GATE MUSIC “(THEY LONG TO BE) CLOSE TO YOU’ .............. U.S. SONGS/BLUE SEAS MUSIC/JAC MUSIC “PEOPLE MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND” ..............0...---. BELLBOY MUSIC/ASSORTED MUSIC #THE GREATEST PERFORMANGE OF MY LIFE? ooo ceeccectecae cee: LARRY SPIER, INC. Sat Ee ee Ce JOBETE MUSIC WANT YOU BACK ieee ert ect ceae chet es JOBETE MUSIC “U WANNA BE WHERE YOU ARES cece cetcectessceetveeecsec ees JOBETE MUSIC FWHIAT?S GOIN! OND iio leer gttete rele een ees JOBETE MUSIC UTOO CLOSE lec s ecesecti cea! VENICE MUSIC (POEM) SAVE THE CHILDREN BY CECIL ELOMBE BRATH STELLAR PRODUCTIONS, INC. GRATEFULLY ACKNOWLEDGES THE COOPERATION OF A&M RECORDS, ATLANTIC RECORDS, BRUNSWICK RECORDS, BUDDHA RECORDS, CAPITAL RECORDS, COLUMBIA RECORDS, CURTOM RECORDS, MERCURY RECORDS, MGM RECORDS, MOTOWN RECORDS, PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL RECORDS, RCA, STAX RECORDS, SUSSEX RECORDS. THE FORD FOUNDATION, THE PUSH FOUNDATION, AND ALL PERSONS ASSOCIATED WITH OPERATION PUSH RUNNING TIME 123 MINUTES