Super Fly (Warner Bros.) (1972)

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‘SUPER FLY’ IS SUPER BIG MR. EXHIBITOR, When you receive your ‘‘Super Fly’’ posters from National Screen Service, you will also receive a snipe that must be placed on each poster and on the lobby standee. The poster page in the pressbook shows these snipes in the proper place. Be sure you match the position exactly. STARRING ON ONEA AS PRIEST and here are what some of the critics are saying about it! ‘‘See the movie, it’s a winner. O’Neal has charisma by the barrels full.’’ CHUCK SILVER, Soul Newspaper ‘“Symbolically, ‘Super Fly’ stands in a class by itself.’’ James P. MURRAY, Amsterdam News ‘‘This is the one to see. An intelligent, perceptive, fast paced movie. Solid script, solid acting, a musical score by Curtis Mayfield that will probably get an Academy Award nomination. It’s a very important movie.’’ KEVIN SANDERS, ABC-TV ‘“‘A brilliantly idiomatic film. The film’s gut pleasures are real, and there are a lot of them...a very good movie.’’ ROGER GREENSPUN, New York Times ‘* “Super Fly’ is brilliant. It has a solid, tense plot, eyecatching settings, sex, whirlwind pacing.’’ BARBARA GOLDSMITH, Harpers Bazaar ‘Beautifully written, vividly acted and artistically photographed. Gripping, jolting, memorable. Ron O’Neal evinces a performance of such inspiring magnitude that viewers will have something long to remember.’’ BILL LANE, World News Syndicated ‘‘A potent, taut drama. One scene will have everyone talking, the ending will have them screaming.’’ GERTRUDE GIPSON, Los Angeles Sentinel ‘‘Fine acting, a compelling story and Curtis Mayfield’s exciting music. One of the best of the new black films. ‘Super Fly’ is good entertainment.’’ FRANCES TAYLOR, Long Island Press ‘‘A visually exciting movie, a good adventure story.’’ KEVIN M. SAVIOLA, Women’s Wear Daily ‘It is beautifully acted in its central roles by that fine Broadway actor, Ron O’Neal, and Carl Lee.’’ BERNARD DREW, Gannett Newspaper Syndicate ‘*Special praise to Ron O’Neal. Exciting.’’ ARCHER WINSTEN, New York Post ‘*Full of energy.’’ NORMA McLAIN STOOP, After Dark ‘*Good performances by O’Neal, Sheila Frazier and Julius W. Harris.’’ DONALD MAYERSON, Cue ‘‘Fast moving, well shot, entertaining caper.’’ LEONARD HARRIS, WCBS-TV ‘* ‘Super Fly’ is flashy, fast and funky. One of the biggest action-adventure films of the year. Mayfield should be praised. Ron O’Neal’s performance is strength.’’ R.A., Cash Box ‘‘The film is a revelation. Gordon Parks Jr., an interesting talent.’ ALAN SAYER, Hollywood Reporter ‘This innovative, community film about the Harlem drug scene invades new territory in introducing, defining, explaining and exposing the life and lifestyle of the nemesis of the ghetto — the pusher. This independent film project, financed by members of the black community and directed by Gordon Parks Jr. certainly represents where the future of black filmmaking should be. A style and atmosphere that can’t be overlooked. It captures the essence of Harlem better than any other feature film this year. Symbolically, ‘Super Fly’ stands in a class by itself.’’ JAMES P. MURRAY, Amsterdam News Printed in U.S.A.