Super Fly (Warner Bros.) (1972)

Record Details:

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Synopsis (not for publication) The pattern of life for a charismatic, big-time cocaine dealer like Priest (RON O’NEAL) involves very expensive cars, a downtown white woman, an attempted mugging by a pair of junkies and the punishment of an errant pusher for failure to turn over all the proceeds from his cocaine sales. Priest’s friend and partner Eddie (CARL LEE) is pulled away from a crap game by the dealer who proposes that they get out of cocaine by putting their entire capital of $300,000 into 30 keys of the drug, disposing of it on the streets in four months and then walking away for good with $1,000,000. They go to Priest’s former patron and mentor Scatter (JULIUS W. HARRIS) to lay out the proposition for their one final score. Scatter says he will think about opening up his links to ‘‘the man’’ who once supplied him in order to try to line up 30 keys for Priest and Eddie. Fat Freddie (CHARLES McGREGOR), the chastized pusher, arrested in a street fight and intimidated by the police, blows the whistle on Priest, then he breaks away and is killed by a passing motorist. Priest and Eddie are cornered by the cops and are offered a crooked deal: Scatter will be by-passed and ‘‘the man’’ will deal directly with Priest and Eddie, supplying as much cocaine as they can handle. In despair at what’s happening, Priest turns to his girl Georgia (SHEILA FRAZIER). He explains that his longing for money is based not on avarice but on the hope for freedom of choice in life. Georgia throws her destiny in with his. At the apartment of Priest’s downtown white woman, Scatter shows up, and begs for money to escape the henchmen of ‘‘the man.’’ He gives Priest an envelope containing material that will incriminate ‘‘the man.’’ Scatter doesn’t escape. He is captured and killed with an overdose. Priest hires a pair of professional killers to murder ‘‘the man’’ and his family should anything happen to him. He damands half his cut from Eddie, who gives it to him in large bills in a briefcase, then, as Priest leaves, his socalled friend tips off the police. Anticipating the doublecross, Priest switches briefcases with Georgia before he is picked up by the police and confronted by ‘‘the man’’ himself, who urges Priest to stick to the system. The dealer replies insultingly. Attacked by the detectives accompanying ‘‘the man,’’ Priest reveals the true identity of ‘‘the man,’’ the deputy commissioner of police, and counters that if he is killed, so will be ‘‘the man’’ and his family. Then he drives away to freedom. Running Time: 96 Minutes Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 This dude has aplan tostickitto the man! The Sig Shore Praduction iD Special Wild Poster An exciting, special 22’’ x 28’’ die-cut poster has been prepared for your campaign on ‘‘Super Fly.’’ This poster features the artwork of the ad campaign and is an exciting campaign plus. Arrange for it to be posted where it will be seen by the most potential patrons. Several preopening bookings have proven the value of this poster. A limited number of them are available FREE from: Campaign Plan Manager, Warner Bros. Studios, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, California 91505. Lobby Record The exciting, popular music of Curtis Mayfield and a strong sales pitch that will make customers want to return has been prepared for your engagement of ‘‘Super Fly.’’ This effective sales tool is available FREE; order it well in advance and give it plenty of playing time. Order from: Eugene Gromek, Suski Productions, 165 W. 46th Street, New York, N.Y. 10036.