Super Fly (Warner Bros.) (1972)

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Radio Spots Credits Perhaps the most effective way to reach the audience Produced by Sig Shore; Directed by Gordon for ‘‘Super Fly’’ is radio. With this in mind, Warner Bros. Parks, Jr.; Screenplay by Phillip Fenty; Dir. of Photography, James Signorelli; Film Editor, Bob Brady; Sound by Harry Lapham; Script Supervisor, Naima Fuller; Associate has prepared a series of hard-hitting and effective selling spots for your engagement of the picture. These spots feature the music of the popular Curtis Mayfield. Order the Producer, Irving Stimler; Music Composed FREE radio spots well in advance and center your efforts and Arranged by Curtis Mayfield; Music on a great radio campaign. Available from: Eugene Gromek, Coordinator, Marvin Stuart; Costume DeSuski Productions, 165 W. 46th St., New York, N.Y. 10036. Signer, Nate Adams; Production Manager, Nolan Constantine; Makeup, James Farabee; Hair Styling, Walter Fountaine, W. Knight; TV Spots Assistant Director, Kurt Baker. TV Spots that sell have been prepared for your engageCast ment of ‘‘Super Fly.’’ These spots feature all the action of ai an ern ea eee Priest the film and also highlight the music by Curtis Mayfield. Carl ee 3 ee ee are i eee Eddie An effective selling campaign can be built around them and enelte . PRizier...3 fans ae Be ae ees Georgia the results will show where it counts. The spots are availJUPIUS We Harri S anne Scatter able in color, FREE from: Campaign Plan Manager, Warner Charles McGregor... nnn Pet rT emer Bice oumesi Ah Ai iit: “ons 8 io) Bros. Studios, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, Calif. 91505. einer aes eae POY TOS PG a ig cet ais Cynthis Yvonne Delaine _ 0... Mrs. Freddie FIQDTY BAB ee Sy Robbery Victim Excerpts pe Riga) oro > a ieee Pimp SEM: CHAE SOR: oe one ee See eRy Junkie Excerpts from the film are one of the most popular and Special Guest Appearance most effective ways to sell the public on motion pictures. The Curtis Mayfield Experience Warner Bros. has prepared several excerpts from ‘‘Super ee Fly’’ that will fascinate viewers and make them want to see Billing the film at your theatre. The excerpts can be used on TV Warner Bros. ae 25% A Warner Communications Company talk shows, as fillers at the end of a too-short movie or can presents The Sig Shore Production 25% be set up on a self-contained projector-speaker in lobby or SUPER FLY 100% : at Starring Storefront. Make the best possible use of these exciting RON O’NEAL 100% 0 excerpts. They're FREE, order today from: Campaign Plan ied eee cs SHEILA FRAZIER 75% Manager, Warner Bros. Studios, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CHARLES McGREGOR 75% Calif. 91505. Music Composed and Arranged by Curtis Mayfield 15% Screenplay by Phillip Fenty 20% Produced by 2 Sig Shore 20% Trailer @ Teaser Directed by Gordon Parks, Jr. 20% Action scenes and contemporary music by Curtis Mayfield are the background for this quality selling trailer All advertising in this pressbook, as well as all other advertising and publicity materials referred to herein, has Pane T Ih ae? nee ee ae penae ae. been se es under the standards for Advertising of the ‘Super Fly.’’ Book the teaser well in advance of your Code of Self-Regulation of the Motion Picture Association of America. All inquiries on this procedure may be addressed normal trailer time and use it for cross-plugging. Get all to: Director of the Code for Advertising, Motion Picture Association of America, 522 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10036. your customers to come back for more. Order the trailer and This picture has been rated: teaser today and make sure it gets all the playing time R RESTRICTED Under 17 requires accompanying €¢)> possible. Order from National Screen Service. asia a