Super Fly (Warner Bros.) (1972)

Record Details:

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6 SHOR A @ude Production | with a plan to stick it to The Man! from Warner Bros.,a Warner Communications company MAT 103 1 COL. X 27 LINES Never a dude like this one! He’s got a plan em to stick it to SIGSHORE WO The Man! Production See and hear CURTIS MAYFIELD play his Original soundtrack available on Curtom Records Super Fly score! “SUPER FLY sanioRON (NEAL CARL LEEJULIUS W HARRIS: SHEILA FRAZIER CHARLES MCGREGOR -wusi composed and Arranged by CURTIS MAYFIELD * Screenplay by PHILLIP [ ENTY «Produced by SI SHORE * Directed wGORDON PARKS, JR. + trom Warner Bros, a Warner Communications company IR MAT 302 — 3 COL. X 104LINES = 312LINES RESTRICTED Under 17 requires accompanying > Parent or Adult Guardian THE k A dude SIG SHORE ~ : PRODUCTION (& +) Pees with a plan | to stick it to The Man! STARRING See and hear j RON O'NEAL CURTIS MAYFIELD AS PRIEST play his Super Fly score! [_Original soundtrack available on Curtom Records | soundtrack available on Curtom Records See and hear 2 “SUPER FLY stain RON (NEAL CARL LEE of eth asides STARRING , ee JULIUS W. HARRIS : SHEILA F RAZIER ; CHARLES MCGREGOR -wusiconposed and Alpe Fis score! RON O'NEAL a> fR) Arranged by CURTIS MAYFIELD * Screenplay by P HILLIP f ENTY Produced by SIG SHORE [_Original soundtrack available on Curtom Records] from Warner Bros.,a Warner aceiah company Directed wGORDON PARKS, JR. aWarner puninedon a Unda 17 requires aczompanying MAT 203 — 2 COL. X 55 LINES = 110 LINES MAT 201 — 2 COL. X 103 LINES = 206 LINES