The Thing with Two Heads (American International Pictures) (1972)

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ADS Two men, doomed to die — Saved by a medical miracle — putting the brains of a WHITE BIGOT and a SOUL BROTHER on the same body... Turning both into a single creature of shocking horror and unholy humor. THE MOST FANTASTIC MEDICAL EXPERIMENT EVER DARED! COLOR sy be Luxe® [PG CO-STARRING DON MARSHALL: ROGER PERRY: KATHY BAUMANN...CHELSEA BROWN nu “WE is © 1972 Americ International Pictu Mat # 401 4 col x 3 5/8 = 14%" = (203 aes. Se See ee ee They transplanted a White Bigot’s . afl ; Head on a Soul Brother’s Body! The most fantastic SAMUEL Z. ARKOFF Presents x i medical experiment Ray Milland/ Rosey ‘Grie « PG) <> A Saber Production 2 A] An American International Release © 1972 American caernetonel Pictures, | MAT#203-2 COL.x2=4" (56 Lines) SAMUEL Z. ARKOFF presents American International Release [PG|@p> A Saber Production . CY | COLOR wy deture © 1972 American International Pictures, Inc. MAT#201-2 COL.x1"=2" (28 Lines) SAMUEL Z. ARKOFF presents % Ray Milland / Rosey’ Grier WHERRNERED um “hwo HERS BG) COLOR sce: A Saber Production « GB A Saber Production n COLOR by DeLuxe * on An American International Release ® @ © 1972 American International Pictures, Inc. @ An American International Release c) 1972 American International Pictures, Inc. MAT#202-2 COL.x1=2" (28 Lines) net Part a aes = ORDER FROM NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE