The Thing with Two Heads (American International Pictures) (1972)

Record Details:

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PHOTO-STUDIO GAG — Have a large cutout made of the main poster illustration eliminating the two heads and set it up in your lobby with sufficient photo lighting to suit normal box camera capabilities. Couples can be invited to place their heads in position on the shoulders of the cutout while usher or friend takes their picture using their cameras. Title of film and playdate information can be sniped across the figure so that it is incorporated in the resulting picture. TWO-HEADED BALLYS — Obtain one of the ghoulish plastic heads available at trick and novelty stores and have it set on the shoulder of a tall man dressed in overalls as the character in the film so that he can walk through busy shopping sections of town with a sandwich board advertising the playdate. This same gimmick can be used within the theatre by dressing up ushers or a doorman in the same fashion. HAT STORE TIE-UP — Have local haberdasher advertise sale of hats by setting cutout figure in window or display case with a hat on each head with gag copy: BUY TWO FOR YOUR FAVORITE TWO-HEADED MONSTERS. The same type of gag could be used as eye catcher to sell mirrors, razors, hair lotions, and toothbrushes in department store windows and drug stores. LOBBY GAGS — Set up gag ‘‘gadgets’’ around your lobby of everyday items which might be altered to suit a two-headed character. Solder two hair dryers together and snipe with a sign using the title and playdate. Set a double mirror on the wall with the same type of sign. Frame a large ear of corn which has two big bites out of it and post a snipe stating’ BITTEN BY “THE THING WITH TWO HEADS." Have two mouthpieces soldered on a saxophone with snipe stating: MADE FOR “THE THING WITH TWO HEADS.”’ The same thing could be done with two football helmets sewed together. The latter gag is especially appropriate in view of Rosey Grier’s record as a pro footballer. TWO CAMPAIGN STYLES AVAILABLE IN THEATRICAL TRAILERS Two different theatrical trailers have been prepared for your campaign on “The Thing With Two Heads.’’ One trailer has been designed to feature the comedy elements of the film and would blend in with a pitch using the comedy approach. For those exhibitors who feel an action approach would draw more patrons, a second trailer has been produced which highlights the spectacular excitement of the chase in the film and the fastpaced action. Both trailers are available at your nearest National Screen Service exchange. FREE TELEVISION TRAILERS A smartly designed set of television trailers have been prepared for use with playdates on ‘‘The Thing With Two Heads”’ taking full advantage of its intriguing story and chilling excitement. The story is appealing to cinemagoers of all ages and you need not be concerned about selecting special time slots aimed at one group. Get them played both on favorite teen age channels and those of interest to adult groups. They are available on one 16mm reel in 60 & 30/20 second lengths and can be obtained FREE at your local American International Pictures exchange. FREE RADIO SPOTS Two different approaches have been designed into the radio spot announcements prepared for this film, a selection which also allows a third angle to be hit in designing your radio campaign. One group of spots was designed to feature the action highlights of the picture, appealing to those who are interested in the grand scale excitement of the story. The second group of announcements feature a narration by Rosie Grier, designed to appeal to the black patrons of your theatre. The last pitch is comic in nature and thus would serve also in a campaign in which the comedy angles of the story are used to boost business. The announcements are available on one 45 rpm disc in 60 and 30 second lengths. Order them FREE from your local American International Pictures exchange. FREE 35mm TEASER TRAILER ORDER FROM NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE HERALDS Attractive 8x12 Heralds Prices Include Theatre Name and Piaydate Single Color Two Color Ist Thousand $8.00 IstThousand $12.00 Add'I Thousands 6.00 Add'Il Thousands 8.50 Please Remit With Order — Prices Do Not Include Delivery ORDER DIRECT FROM BENTON CARD COMPANY, INC. WINDOW CARDS Colorful 14x22 Window Card Prices Include Theatre Name and Playdate Please Remit With Order — Prices Do Not Include Delivery ORDER DIRECT FROM BENTON CARD COMPANY, INC. TELEPHONE 894-3661 BENSON, NORTH CAROLINA AREA CODE 919 27504