Cop Hater (United Artists) (1958)

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She winks... She lures... She kills...and it’s always a guy with a badge and a burning hunagor! rUungGor. 3 Cols. x 133 Lines—400 Lines (29 Inches) LOBBY DISPLAY Clip from local newspaper stories, pictures and headlines of actual items about gangsters and other hoodlums known or unknown, who flout the law openly beating up cops. Display such headlines and pictures on a 40 x 60 board with this master headline: Most people honor cops but some are Cop Haters . . you'll see how they act in scenes like these from “COP HATER.” Using the same copy and art as above on one side with one of the ads on the other you can make a sensational herald or throwaway. STREET BALLY Send a man around town dressed in the typical uniform of a policeman and have him carry sandwich sign with this copy: ‘Any man who wears this uniform might be the victim of a cop hater. See honest cops battle the “COP HATER” at the Bijou!” ART STILLS EXPLOITATION starring ROBERT LOGGIA angGERALD O'LOUGHLIN with evten paRKER SHIRLEY BALLARD * RUSSELL HARDIE * HAL RIDDLE * WILLIAM NEFF * GENE MILLER Screenplay by HENRY KANE, Based on the Novel by ED McBAIN Produced and Directed by WILLIAM BERKE ae A BARBIZON PRODUCTION Presented by HELPRINCROWN Released thru) UNITED ARTISTS Pi ee ree Ge Mat 301 POLICE COOPERATION Display current posters of men and women wanted by the police. Exhibit can also carry a reminder that citizens can help their police department by forwarding any information about such persons direct to the department. Tie several of these posters together in one frame with the following headline: like these make sensational drama in “COP HATER’! POLICE TELETYPE Post notices coming over the police teletype “The activities of people which police clear for such display. Copy for this display says: “Action like this in ‘COP HATER’.” CH-ART-1 Same as Ad 301 CH-ART-2 Same as Ad 302 Order stills by number from NATIONAL SCREEN EXCHANGE ‘Cop Hater’ Timely Thriller Slated To Open Locally (General Advance) “Cop Hater,” a suspense-thriller as timely as tonight’s lines which is slated to open ... head Pe sce ene at the........ ane Theatre, was produced and directed by William Berke for United Artists release. The picture is an authentic drama about the operation of a ALLEY MURDER IN ‘COP HATER’ A murder took place on East Fourth Street, New York City in an alleyway between the 82 Club and Hod Carmel Kosher Company. The man killed was Lincoln Kilpatrick who plays a detective in “Cop Hater,” a suspense thriller=which “Opens”. ssi. ole at thes. ese Theatre through United Artists release. Director William Berke had plenty of local color for the scene with a mob of street passers-by, urchins, police, sanitation workers, street noises and the delicate aroma of kosher hot dogs. “Cop Hater” the search for a crazy cop killer on is an action drama about the loose. The leading roles are played by Robert Loggia, Gerald O’Loughlin, Shirley Ballard, Ellen Parker, Russell Hardie and Hal Riddle. Henry Kane screenplay based on a story by Ed McBain. wrote the Still CH-18 typical New York City Police Precinct in a tough neighborhood, and the search for what seems to be a crazy cop-killer. The screenplay was written. by Henry Kane from a story by Ed McBain. Mr. Kane is the author of the “Pete ChambersPrivate Eye” series. Mr. McBain penned the gripping “Blackboard Jungle” under the name of Evan Hunter. The two men will join forces again for Barbizon’s second feature film; “The Mugger.” For “Cop Hater,” William Berke has assembled a cast of exciting new-comers. In the role of Policeman Steve Carelli is Robert Loggia. Mr. Loggia electrified New Yorkers as Frankie Machine in the off-Broadway production of “Man With A Golden Arm.” He appeared briefly, but brilliantly in “Somebody Up There Likes Me” and “The Garment Center.” For the ill-fated plainclothesman, Mike Maguire, Berke chose Gerald O’Loughlin. O’ Laughlin charmed the distaff side as the quiet and affable suitor in “Lovers & Lollipops.” Movie-goers have seen him recently as Chuck in “A Hatful of Rain.” Ellen Parker is making her screen debut as Teddy, Steve’s deaf-mute sweetheart. Sid Caesar fans have seen Miss Parker for two and a half years as Howard Morris’ wife. Shirley Ballard, a most striking. blonde, plays Mike Maguire’s bored and bitter wife. . Mat 2A Gerald O’Loughlin and Shirley Ballard have top roles in the suspense drama, “Cop Hater,” which will open ..........-. atthe....... He's Theatre through United Artists release. cop. : 1-SHEET Also available 22 x 28 LOBBY e 14 x 36 INSERT CARD SET OF 8 ll x 14 LOBBY CARDS i HATER Order all items from NATIONAL SCREEN EXCHANGE © 1958 United Artists Corporation