Foreign Correspondent (United Artists) (1940)

Record Details:

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id by This it his >thers Risheds ibo rail- TO full Hstudios VaO play- hummer m2 sets Stchcock fen Cor- |»spense fetches Rrch de¬ ll British pet was H25 feet Bbar 00 I and a ■ a good Is ever picture, ice ap- ninutes |ed pic- fp intro- t types rea and ther as •finding reaches HERE IS ACTION from the first frame to the final fadeout ... in the year's thrill spectacle. Action — plus suspense as only Alfred Hitchcock, director of "Rebecca," can give it to palpitating audiences who love to be car¬ ried along to excitement and surprises at a swift box- office pace. , IMPORTANCE in every department of production with big scene after big scene . . . the Peace Conference . . . the assassination in the public square . . . the search of clues across Europe in a worldwide diplomatic con¬ spiracy . . . typical Hitchcock thrill scenes atop the Tower of London . . . and finally the pulsing climax of the giant Seaplane brought down in mid-ocean! ROMANCE in the adventurous exploits of 1940's most glamorous soldier of fortune ... a character as irresistible to today's fans as a Bengal Lancer or a Beau Geste was to yesterday's public. Joel McCrea as the Foreign Correspondent making love to beautiful Laraine Day, sensational new star of "My Son, My Son!" PERFORMANCE all the elements that magnetize attendance in hold¬ over numbers. First step in this performance is yours to contribute the initiative of showmanship in making a big picture bigger. Increase your exploitation effort! Step up your ad budget! Use to the fullest the com¬ plete practical and different campaign outlined in this pressbook! British cted in inicians