Foreign Correspondent (United Artists) (1940)

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* THERE IS REASON PLUS FOR PRESENTING WALTER WANGER 1 S "FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT" TO THE PUBLIC AS TRADE—THE PRODUCER PRESENTS FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT AS THE SHOWMAN f S PROFIT SPECTACLE OF THE YEAR. IS WAITING FOR — AMD IS WHAT EVERY AUDIENCE IS WAITING FOR - LIKE THAT SAME STOP-PRESS DISPATCH. BOLD-FACE TYPE OF SHOWMANSHIP — EXPLOITATION. EACH OF THE LINEUP OF AUDIENCE APPEAL^IN WHITMAN BOOKS, MAGAZINES TIE IN NATION'S MASS PUBLISHING DEALERS For your top-ranking tieup on “Foreign Correspondent” —for a promotion which moves out to your audience in blocs of millions and registers at your boxoffice in terms of millions—the Whitman Publishing Company joins in on your showmanship campaign with a specially published series of “Foreign Correspondent” publications! Whitman’s tiein on “Foreign Correspondent” means big boxoffice business! As a publishing house which reaches the American mass market, Whitman is without parallel in this country. Their products, which are developed in print orders of huge proportions, provide reading mate¬ rial—and its show-selling influence—for exactly those mil¬ lions who constitute the most important audiences for “Foreign Correspondent.” Your tieup with Whitman Publishing Company involves two high-powered, hard-hitting publications: First, Whitman is publishing “Foreign Correspondent” as a very popular-priced book—with illustrations. Whit¬ man editors have taken the script of “Foreign Correspond¬ ent”, together with a series of the most dramatic stills from the production, and are translating that material into an entertaining, eye-catching volume. In every way, Whitman’s “Foreign Correspondent” will capture the thrills and suspense and drama which Alfred Hitchcock has so expertly woven into your great current attraction. Price, production and distribution of the book are calcu¬ lated to reach Whitman’s largest market. Second, the publisher is marketing—with the first na¬ tional release of “Foreign Correspondent”—a completely new “comic” magazine. The magazine will be titled “For¬ eign Correspondent”, thus affording you a direct tiein. Priced at ten cents a copy, Whitman’s new magazine will be merchandised on the nation’s newsstands. An impor¬ tant comic strip artist has been engaged to develop the story of your show in this highly entertaining medium, and the first issue of the new Whitman magazine will be the peg for one of your most important local exploitation efforts. Also, Whitman is planning to market the magazine as a monthly series, thus affording all exhibitors of “For¬ eign Correspondent” a constant showmanship asset and opportunity. 5 |: * Whitman’s “Foreign Correspondent”—as a book—may be published in more than one price. For all groups in your audience, therefore, this tieup reaches smash show¬ selling proportions. Merchandising of the book will be through the nation’s most important book stores, chain stores and department stores. These, together with the newsstands selling the “Foreign Correspondent” comic magazine, provide you with a tremendous showmanship opportunity. Follow through on all promotional angles! Join with outlets carrying the book through displays, stills, cooperative exploitation and advertising. On the news¬ stands, set your boxoffice boost through such cooperative efforts as tack cards, flashes and truck posters. Whitman’s tiein also presents a great bet—and material —for special lobby and theatre promotions! Set your campaign on the Whitman tieup on a scale to match its full value to your showing. Set it big—and cash in big! For dealer details in your situation, write immediately to: WHITMAN PUBLISHING CO. 200 Fifth Avenue New York, New York or WHITMAN PUBLISHING CO. Racine, Wisconsin % SMOOTH, SOFT SKIN IS SO VERY important! THAT'S WHY I NEVER NEGLECT MY DAILY Lux Soap active- lather FACIALS ' THEY'RE A GRAND | BEAUTY AID-MAKE I MY SKIN FEEL SO I FRESH AND SMOOTH Laraine Day Hollywood Foreign Correspondent fresher, too! Th< beauty aid. See stay lovely, app Try this gentle beauty care for 30 days 9 out of 10 Screen Stars use Lux Toilet Soap * LARAINE DAY "LUX" ADS ON NATIONAL SCHEDULE A selected list of important metropolitan daily news¬ papers will feature this eye-catching Lux tieup ad— featuring Laraine Day as one of Hollywood’s new sen¬ sations and a star of “Foreign Correspondent”! The important circulation involved in this tieup is only one phase of the showmanship opportunities in this tieup. Follow through in your situation by joining with the great number of Lux outlets in displays and co-op pro¬ motions. This tieup is streamlined for showmanship in your situation! Add your own theatre promotions for fullest boxoffice results! i / Page Two