Foreign Correspondent (United Artists) (1940)

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QUOTE THE THRILL SPECTACLE OF THE YEAR UNQUOTE. AND FOR EVERY EXHIBITOR EVERYWHERE — FOR THE LIKE A DYNAMITE-LADEN STORY COMING OFF THE WIRES, FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT HAS WHAT EVERY AUDIENCE FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT REGISTERS ITS FULL BOX-OFFICE WEIGHT ONLY WITH THE SMASH HEADLINING AND Fv%IGN CORRESPONDENT DEMANDS LEADOFF POSITION, IS IN ITSELF BASIS FOR A COMPLETE CAMPAIGN. DISPLAYS Cutouts, Standees, Easels to Drive Home Top Campaign Angles on Your Showing * Master of Suspense Director of “REBECCA’ THE THRILL SPECTACLE OF THE YEAR ""‘XVES" "'ip-cocKi *>»E/GIV ?°Rrespo Ni THE THRILL SPECTACLE OF THE YEAR! c FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT Exploit the character gallery with the easel above, using copylines indicated and (reading clockwise, starting with McCrea) Stills Nos. 36, 85, 26, 179, 112, 123, 46, 134, 5 and Still No. 83 for Laraine Day. Right: The giant marquee display uses Stills Nos. 21A (action still), Exp.-l (drawing), 78 (McCrea-Day), 92 (Sanders), 52 (Marshall) and 9 (Benchley). The radio tower signals selling copy for your show; offer guest tickets to lobby translators. ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S P A 0 0 U C T I 0 N Of They Lived the GREATEST ADVENTURE of our time! lilalteA. 'WanCf/M. foreignMi CORRESPONDENT Get across the gay adven¬ ture note with a cutout dis¬ play (left) using Still No. P-53 of Joel McCrea and Laraine Day; a Hitchcock head still rounds it out. And showmanship demands a socko still display (right) on Bob Benchley, using (1. to r., in three rows from top down) Stills Nos. 5, 1, 28, 13, 15A, P-7, along with copy lines indicated. His Sensational Story Becomes the THRILL SPECTACLE OF THE YEAR 'FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT Plant the Hitchcock-“Rebecca” slant with the display above, featuring Stills Nos. RS-1 (the famous “Rebecca” silhouette), 12A and 12 (McCrea). Right: Use Still No. 19 for a dramatic display—using real light over the still’s lighting effect. Page Three