Foreign Correspondent (United Artists) (1940)

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THE ACTUAL LINEUP AFFORDS AN UNPARALLELED SHOWMANSHIP OPPORTUNITY. CHECK THEM OFF YOURSELF. MADE "REBECCA" A GREAT BOXOFFICE CHAMPION. TIMING AS TREMENDOUS AS THE LATEST LEAD STORY. MARSHALL AND BENCHLEY WITH THE BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE WHICH HITCHCOCK COMMANDS WITH ROLES THAT THEME OF THE HOUR. ABOVE ALL, A TITLE CHARACTER RICH WITH THE ROMANCE AND COLOR AND DRIVE 0 ] A Second Day Fourth Day Sock News Photo Stunt Here’s shoivmanship for your newspaper exploitation campaign on “Foreign Correspondent”—an eye-catching publicity stunt to cash in on the greatest eye-catchers in news camera history! The promotion involves a news photo identification contest, in which newspaper readers are asked to identify a series of the best “on-the-spot” camera recordings of great events — photos which have been printed in every newspaper in the United States. Included in the series are two dramatic action shots from “Foreign Correspondent.” Arrange with the editor to have the series run, one a day, with blanks asking readers to identify the complete set. Win¬ ners, giving the most complete captions, should get cash prizes and guest tickets. With plugs for Hitchcock as a master camera artist, this contest becomes a top seat-selling effort! Mat. No. 19B—30c; Cut—50c. ANSWERS: First Day— The giant German zep- pelin Hindenburg in flames at Lakehurst, N. J., May 6, 1937, after catching fire while it at¬ tempted to land; Second Day — A scene from “Foreign Correspon¬ dent”; Third Day —King George VI, flanked by the Archbishops of York and Canterbury, leaving Westminster Abbey after his coronation in May, 1938. Fourth Day —A scene from “Foreign Correspondent”; Fifth Day — a dramatic photo¬ graph of the assassination of King Alexander of Jugoslavia in the streets of Marseilles, in October, 1934, while the monarch rode in triumph with French foreign minister Barthou. Newspaper Selling Ideas LOBBY STUNTS, CONTESTS, A CO-OP AD BRING SMASH INTEREST TO YOUR SHOW Cash in on the timely title by joining with a local newspaper, or Postal Telegraph and Western Union, for an actual news teletype machine in your lobby—ticking off the up-to-the-minute news just as it comes into the newspaper office from foreign correspondents all over the world. Check this one off as a sure-fire bally, guaranteed to bring crowds! Round it out with copy on this line: “Get the latest news direct from the courageous foreign correspondents all over the world. Then see Walter Wanger’s thrilling story — ‘FOREIGN COR¬ RESPONDENT’ with (billing) and directed by Alfred Hitchcock— the Master of Suspense!” Get a special play for the theme and title character of your show by having top local newspaper publishers and editors answer the question: “What are the requisites of a Foreign CorrespondentThe series of answers will provide plenty of copy ammunition for all forms of news¬ paper tieup, as well as for lobby, herald , display and publicity exploita¬ tion. Contact the promotion department of your local newspaper and sell them the potent idea of a cooperative house ad. Attractive, eye-compelling, the ad (also adaptable for truck posters, newsstand cards, etc.) is a natural unforced tie-up of the pic¬ ture with the newspaper’s staff of Foreign Correspondents. There is double selling value for you in the cooperative ad. Aside from the direct plug for your picture and theatre, the tie-up with top names among Foreign Correspondents, well-known to the public, gives an extra, added boost to your show. Go to town on this one, and give it everything you’ve got. It will sell tickets! For candid camera fans (who see camera reportage of the world hit the front page every day)—and for high-power photo publicity—arrange a candid camera reporting contest on a newspaper tiein. Set the angle for the contest by titling it “Foreign Correspondence by Camera in (name of town).” Entrants would pick up local threads of world events in your town , and ones showing most editorial ingenuity and best camera work would win cash prizes and guest tickets. Set this one in advance, for one of your top promotions! * Page Four