Foreign Correspondent (United Artists) (1940)

Record Details:

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PRODUCTION AND DIRECTION BY ALFRED HITCHCOCK, FAMOUS TO THE INDUSTRY AS A MONEY-MAKER BEFORE HE CASTING DESIGNED TO JOIN THE OUTSTANDING MARQUEE APPEAL IN MCCREA AND LARA INE DAY AND HERBERT GRASP AND CAPTURE THE IMAGINATION. A STORY WHOSE THRILLS AND SWEEP COMPOUND INTEREST IN THE FK%RE WHO TRULY RATES AS THE TWENTIETH CENTURY 1 S MAN OF ADVENTURE — THE FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT TIE IN WITH "ROYAL" DEALERS For a sure-fire local tiein, plan now for a campaign with all Royal typewriter dealers in your situation! “Foreign Correspondent” is a natural for a promotion involving this product; as a symbolic prop for the highly-romanticized figure of a foreign correspond¬ ent, the typewriter figures as a high-spot opportunity for tieup merchandising efforts. The Royal machine—with the trademark clearly visible—appears in a number of impor¬ tant scenes in “Foreign Correspondent”. Top local outlets will go for window displays, blowups and all forms of co-operative promotions. Royal dealers are everywhere—and Royal dealers everywhere will join with you in cashing in on this swell promotional op¬ portunity. Write to EXPLOITATION DEPT., UNITED ARTISTS CORP., 729 Seventh Avenue, New York City, for Stills Nos. 1, 3, and P-9, featuring the Royal typewriter. * * # STILL TIEUPS Send across the profit-producing elements in your “Foreign Correspondent” campaign with plenty of sock through a hard-hitting town-wide still tieup cam¬ paign! All promotion-wise merchants will be anxious to join in with you on your great new Wanger pres¬ entation! Stills shown here are: (top row of four) Stills Nos. P-143 (evening clothes), P-57 (women’s jewelry), P-61 (coiffure), 12 (raincoat); (bottom row of four) Stills Nos. P-170 (fur coats), 206 (radio stores, for campaign on foreign news broad¬ casts), 49 (men’s haberdashery), P-173 (women’s suits). Order stills from EXPLOITATION DEPT., UNITED ARTISTS CORP., 729 Seventh Ave., New York City. THREE TRAILERS! The most powerful elements of your showmanship cam¬ paign on “Foreign Correspondent” are expertly presented in your three trailers on Walter Wanger’s great show! The first trailer, which is 80 feet long, stresses the direction of “Foreign Correspondent” by Alfred Hitch¬ cock, following his success as the director of “Rebecca.” The second trailer, running 120 feet, stresses the star value of the production and intimates the excitement that will be found in the third trailer. The final trailer, 265 feet long, combines all the elements in “Foreign Corre¬ spondent” — producer, director, stars, story, etc. — and presents the production as the “thrill spectacle of the year.” Book your trailers now! NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE: 630 Ninth Avenue, New York, N. Y.; 1307 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Ill.; 300V2 South Howard Street, Dallas, Texas; 1922 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif.; 141 Walton Street, Atlanta, Ga.; 2418 Second Ave¬ nue, Seattle, Wash.; 36 Melrose Street, Roston, Mass.; 74 Glenwood Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. PHOTO-ART DISPLAY ACCESSORIES Page Five