Foreign Correspondent (United Artists) (1940)

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MOMENTS TO THE SCREEN'S EXPERIENCE. ADD TO THIS-, FURTHER, A SHOWMAN'S CONCLUSION: THAT FIGURE OF TODAY'S WORLD INTO SINGLE FOCUS WITH THE MOST PERSISTENT DEMAND OF TODAY'S EXPLOITATION IDEAS WHICH ARE CONTAINED IN THESE SHOWMANSHIP ANGLES AND ARE PRESENTED IN YE%S. CURRENT EVENTS CONTEST Four-Day Newspaper Plant Cues in Top Selling Angle Cash in on the popularity of quiz contests PLUS the universal interest in foreign affairs. Plant this interesting and entertaining Cur¬ rent Events Quiz in your local newspaper. Your editor will realize its attractions as a legitimate feature. There are ample opportunities in connection with this four-day con¬ test to plug “Foreign Correspondent” and your theatre. For example, each day’s list of questions contains one on famous Foreign Corre¬ spondents. Correct answers are in italicized type. Offer free tickets to your show as awards to the winners, and watch for top returns at the box-office! FIRST DAY It was a turning point in the Nazi invasion, so maybe you'll remember who replaced General Gamelin when the Germans broke through at Sedan. Was it: a. Henri Giraud d. Pierre Etienne Flandin b. Marshal Petain e. Maxime Weygand c. Marshal Lyautey It's easy to second-guess it now, but when Hitler had driven the British from Flanders, the great question was whether he would strike to destroy France or: a. Invade Scandinavia b. Turn against Russia c. Cive his army a rest d. Join with Italy in attacking the Balkans e. Invade England The city of Paris was saved from destruction, if not capture, when General Weygand: a. Decided not to defend it, made it an “Open City.’’ b. Put his secret Paris defense in action c. Counter-attacked at the Westwall d. Resigned as Generalissimo e. Sent the garrison to the front in taxicabs I.eland Stowe, famous Foreign Correspondent, scored a scoop when he exposed Fifth Column activities in : a. Denmark d. Finland b. Norway e. Belgium c. Roumania Italy chose a moment when France had her back to the wall to declare --and immediately following, she: a. Sent 500,000 troops up the Rhone Valley b. King Vittorio Emanuele abdicated in protest c. Shelled Gibralter, laid seige to it d. Bombed the Dalmatian Coast e. Attacked the Allies’ Mediterranean possessions SECOND DAY 38 days after the start of the historic Battle of France, that nation sued for peace, just after .a new French Cabinet was formed, under: a. Maxime Weygand d. Pierre Etienne Flandin b. Marshal Petain e. Leon Blum c. Pierre Laval As a result, a treaty of peace was signed in a railroad car at: a. Chartres d. Bordeaux b. Tours e. Lyons c. Compeigne The Battle of Flanders became a disaster to the Allies when : a. Heavy rains soaked their ammunition b. Leopold of Belgium surrendered with his army c. Their right wing capitulated d. Nazi bombers cut off relief by sea e. They were abandoned by Premier Reynaud One of the following famous Foreign Correspondents was killed in England when he fell off a moving train : a. G. E. R. Gedye d. Webb Miller b. H. V. Kaltenborn e. Edward McNeil c. Richard Harding Davis In their attack on the Lowlands, the Nazis used all but one of the following methods with effectiveness: a. Dropping parachute troops behind enemy lines b. Using bombing planes in place of artillery c. Poisoning local water supplies d. Establishing armed groups of spies in enemy centres long before the attack e. Sending mechanized attack columns far in advance of the main body of troops THIRD DAY Van Kleffens, Foreign Minister of the Netherlands, shocked the world with his statement that Dutch fatalities, as a result of the Nazi invasion, were: a. 100,000 d. 400,000 b. 50,000 e. 1,000,000 c. 10,000 Otto D. Tolischus, famous Foreign Correspondent, received the Pulitzer Prize for his work in: a. France d. Finland b. Rumania e. Germany c. Russia The success of the Nazis in their conquest of Norway was aided by: a. The friendly attitude of King Haakon b. The treason of Norwegian Naxis like Quisling c. The secret cooperation of Swedish border troops d. Labor unrest in Norway e. The failure of the Allies to render effective aid 4. One of the following towns in Belgium, scene of important lighting in World War I, was also important in World War II : a. Brussels d. Ostend b. Ghent e. Liege 5. The fortifications at one of the following places in France was of great strategic importance in World Wars I and II. But in World War I it held out against the enemy; in World War II it capitulated quickly: a. Verdun d. Nantes b. Tours e. Calais FOURTH DAY 1. One of the following is head of Germany’s Air Force: a. Von Ribbentrop d. Himmler b. Goering e. Von Brauchitsch c. Schlieffen 2. One of the following well-known newspapermen is a famous Foreign Correspondent: a. Arthur Krock d. Jack Milev b. Edgar Snow e. Kenneth Crawford c. William Allen White 3. The movie-actor who served in an Ambulance Corps in a. Errol Flynn d. Robert Montgomery b. Joel McCrea e. Robert Young c. George Brent 4. When Germany invaded the Netherlands, French Marines promptly occupied the Dutch West Indian possession : a. Curacao d. Haiti b. The Virgin Islands e. Trinidad c. The Dodacanese Islands 5. The present U. S. Ambassador to Great Britain is: a. Hugh Wilson d. Joseph C. Grew b. Lawrence Steinhardt e. Joseph Kennedy c. Wm. C. Bullitt CO-OP AD FOR FULL PACE PLANT Ride in on the top-notch selling angle for your show — direct play on the “Foreign Correspondent” as the glamor boy of the present day — by planting this full page co-op ad with the advertising man¬ ager of your leading local news¬ paper. Timely, smooth, interesting — the ad cashes in for merchants on a figure lying just below surface in everyone’s mind. Set the round- the-town promotion with leading stores now to get full results for your playdate! BOOKSTORE, LIBRARY TIE-UPS The books of well-known Foreign Cor¬ respondents have sold more copies in the past few years than any other tomes on the market. Books such as Duranty’s “I Write As I Please,” Sheean’s “Personal History,” Van Paasen’s “Days of Our Years,” Farson’s “Way of a Transgres¬ sor” and such authors as John Gunther, Martha Gellhorn, Webb Miller, Leland Stowe and Edgar Mowrer have had ter¬ rific sales and unanimous critical praise. Get your good local bookstores to fea¬ ture window displays of Correspondents’ books under uniform title: “Foreign Correspondents.” Stills from picture, showing McCrea as Correspondent, with theatre credit, will complete the layout. Since these books are still selling in the upper brackets, bookstores will be glad to play ball, welcoming the added stimulus to their own sales that an attrac¬ tive tie-up display with the picture will bring. Your public library will go for the same stunt. 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