Green for Danger (United Artists) (1946)

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Here’s what the show-wise editors of 12 - great national magazines told an estimated 90,000,000 readers about ^ '-^7 IL - : . . . another must-see . . . exciting entertain¬ ment . . . particularly delightful is Alastair Sim ..—Good Housekeeping able mystery ..— Movie Life . . choice comedy amid melodrama; prize performance by Alastair Sim as a Scotland Yard sleuth . . . highly recommended . . —Pic Magazine ". . . tense, absorbing melodrama . . . intro¬ duces the very effective warp of comedy into its woof of murder . . . Alastair Sim as the idiosyncratic (but, mark you, successful) Scot¬ land Yard sleuth is superb . . — Promenade . . engrossing murder mystery—a delightful mixture of thrills, chills and chuckles—introduc¬ ing a new film detective with a rare instinct for homicide and humor—this Alastair Sim is price¬ less ..— Cue Magazine "It has all the ingredients of a really first-class thriller. . . but the best thing about the picture is Alastair Sim . . . don't miss 'Green for Danger.' It's one of the best murder mysteries we've seen in a long time." —Motion Picture . one of the most unusual we've ever seen 1 —Movie Show ". . . intelligent, baffling whodunit . . . the dia¬ log is eminently superior stuff, the same going for direction, production and acting all around. But the biggest bonus ... is Scotland Yard Inspector Cockrill (Alastair Sim) . . . (who) does a masterly job with one of the most fascinating and unusual characters seen on any screen in a long time."— Silver Screen . a sure hit . . . introducing Alastair Sim as a shrewd Scotland Yard man with uncommon manners and a sly wit.. —Airways Traveler "a thoroughly delightful detective story . . . Alastair Sim is wonderful. Our favorite line be¬ longs to the Inspector; responding to a dis¬ gusted doctor who discovers him to be a detec¬ tive, he fatuously murmurs, 'Sickening, isn't it?' 'No, Inspector, it's not'."— Seventeen "Enchantingly done and high adult entertain¬ ment."—Paul Gallico in Esguire "sophisticated gaiety ... a varied and enter¬ taining roster of personalities . . . Alastair Sim has made a delightfully pompous specimen of his Inspector Cockrill..."— Theatre Arts Sell him to your audiences — they'll be grateful. The Press Book shows you how.-