Green for Danger (United Artists) (1946)

Record Details:

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f m Oo^^teV>- a F '° t ,eade« °’ tf-Sscs^-" I “IS _ a of «ie °; S 2 sV h ! Coders ■ Papers who 1unl news - f . c,,c «fet( co/„ " (" s syn- "orned f, Civi,i *ed fZ ry ' " j fPo/ Abbd t a t Sf ' r s 'm who man fl /auah'D* ,° n d Co*,*,, c °n M X/f< r-^/oA# ? T ' n a a nr, /■ ". . . bristling with fine directorial touches and expert acting . . . fully and perfectly turned to hold the attention of the audience ... bouquets for acting will go to Alastair Sim .. —Motion Picture Herald "A well-made and well-directed thriller, this maintains a high degree of suspense from start to finish, and sustains interest throughout . . . best performance turned in by Sim . . —The Exhibitor ". . . an enthralling mystery thriller that builds to a suspenseful and ingenious climax . . . flaw¬ less scripting and characterization." — Showmen's Trade Review "All that an artist can do to breathe vivid imaginative life into a role is accomplished by Alastair Sim . . . excellent all-around acting, clever dialogue and adroit direction ... re¬ freshingly made and balanced . . ." —Motion Picture Daily a ive The following trade reviews, the only ones available up to deadline for this Press Book, are offered without comment. "... a slick murder mystery .. . sufficient pace, suspense, romance and comedy to make it engrossing screenfare . . . performances uni¬ formly excellent . . . honors go to Alastair Sim . . . topnotch direction."- — Film Bulletin "Frank Launder and Sidney Silliat, the two talents who wrote, directed and produced The Adventuress,’ have come up with a murder mystery which will keep audiences guessing and excited all the way up to the last minute . . . mixes the cold, harrowing chills of violence with the rib-tickling delights of light-handed humor . . . very pretty nurses . . . well worth seeing ..." — The Independent "... a highly acceptable mystery . . . will keep payees guessing . .. Inspector 'Cockrill 1 played superbly by Alastair Sim . . ." —Daily Variety ". . . interesting characters and highly capable performers, from the topliners down to the^ smallest bits . . ."— Hollywood Reporter ". . . tops in exciting mystery film fare." —Greater Amusements Blow-up of opposite page should make one of the most convincing lobby pieces you ever built! Copyright 1947, by Pathe Industries — Country of origin U.S.A.