Green for Danger (United Artists) (1946)

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RREMIERE SETS TERRIFIC START CRIME EXPERTS ASSIST C ONSIDERABLE publicity for the opening was kicked off in New York by a contest, partici¬ pated in by 30 members of the Mystery Writers of America and professional crime reporters who tried to name the killer and the method used in the killing after seeing most of the picture. Twelve of the experts named the killer correctly and only five knew how the murder was com¬ mitted. This stunt can be repeated locally by invit¬ ing the local police officials and crime reporters. The invitations should be sent out in the name of Alastair Sim. While this should be good for pictures and stories, you obviously will not want to give away the identity of the killer, nor the method employed in the killing. Just mention of the fact that the identity was discovered is enough. Winners can be given some kind of a prize in Sim’s name. •w N. Y. Crix Rave New York's movie crix were unani¬ mous in acclaiming "Green for Dan¬ ger." Herewith are excerpts from their comments. Some of these were used in the special ad reproduced in the next column. You may be able to do the same with local critic comment when it comes along! "Loaded with suspense! Make a note to see it!" —Kate Cameron, Daily News "Well worth seeing! Amusing and gripping drama. All the excitement sheer technique can build—and that is plenty." —Otis L. Guernsey, Jr., Herald Tribune * * * "You've got to buy a ticket! All the know¬ how of creating suspense . . . bright, gay, enjoyable." —Lee Mortimer, Daily Mirror "A humdinger of a baffler! Deftly humor¬ ous, intriguing and startling. Alastair Sim is ^ v, <ie most engaging detective the screen has ’^?Sen since Nick Charles was young. Settled down at the Winter Garden for a com¬ fortable stay!" —Tom Pryor, N. Y. Times "An extra special treat! A tonic for the audience . . . intelligent, well-written, well cast. Inspector Cockrill is an enchanting creation!" —Cecelia Ager, PM "Don't shrug off the Winter Garden in your movie plans!" —Alton Cook, World-Telegram "Corking good thriller! Suspenseful . . . slick . . . deftly devised. Mr. Sim is terrific!" —Irene Thirer, Post "More humor and excitement than most! Mixes suspense with comedy, plenty of both, well stirred!" —Eileen Creelman, Sun "Better than most murder films . . . ’Inspec¬ tor Cockrill' about the most ingenious gum- shoe since Nick Charles!" —John Maynard, Journal American SMASH N.Y. ADS NOW AVAILABLE! A DS used by the New York Winter Garden in its record-smashing "Green for Danger” cam¬ paign are available in mat form and may be ordered the same as any other mat in this Press Book. They may be found on Pages 20-24 inclusive. The two-column teaser 209 was found especially effective and its use locally is highly recommended. The one-column 113 was also utilized to good results, with quotes other than those from Good Housekeeping used by routing out the quote and inserting others in type. If you wish to do this you may choose suitable quotes from Pages Two and Three of this Press Book. Instead of using the magazine quotes in New York, some of the critic comments quoted in the first column on this page were used in Ad Mat 113. This will bear repeating locally when your com¬ ment comes in. Also highly effective was the ad illustrated in this column which was made up the night the re¬ views came out and rushed into print the next morning. This can bear repetition locally, with the quotes from local crix used instead of the New York critic raves. If you do this, it may be an idea to blow up the art and use it as a lobby piece. This may also be done directly from the art herewith. Spot survey on trains, busses, etc., disclosed that Mat 306 really stopped ’em and made ’em take notice. Not only did it dominate the newspaper page but the unusual title treatment proved a real eye tickler. Critics Hail 1 Green for Danger as * the Year's Suspense-Filled Sensation! "Loaded with suspense! Make a note to see it 1” -KATE CAMERON, .«. N ' w * "Well worth seeing! Amusing and gripping drama. All the excitement sheer technique can build-and that is plenty. ’ ’ -OTIS L. GUERNSEY Jr., Herald Tribune ★ * * "You’ve got to buy a ticket! All the know-how of creating suspense... bright, gay, en¬ joyable.” -LEE MORTIMER, # t * Daily Mirror "Don’t shrug off the Winter Garden in your movie plans!’ ALTON COOK, W-Tele. *‘A humdinger of a baffler I Deftly humorous, intrigu¬ ing and startling. Alastair Sim is the most engaging detective the screen has seen since Nick Charles was young. Settled down at the Winter Garden for a com¬ fortable stay.” -TOM PRYOR, N.Y.Times * * Sr "An extra special treat! A tonic for the audience... in¬ telligent, well written, well cast... Inspector Cockrill is »an enchanting creation!” -CECILIA AGER, P. M. n J. ARTHUR RANK PRESENTS Sally GRAY -Trevor HOWARD -Rosamund JOHN GREEK DANGER presenting ALASTAIR SIM as Inspector Cockrill AIR CONDITIONED An EAGLE-LION Releose WINTER GARDEN m 6 WAT AI 50th • DOORS OPEN 10 00 AM • CONTINUOUS TO 2 00 AM 19 & pi BALLOON BARRAGE BUZZES BROADWAY O NE of the highlights of the New York cam¬ paign was the buzzing of Broadway by thou¬ sands of green balloons during the height of the flying saucer season which just preceded the open¬ ing of "Green for Danger.” Balloons were about a foot in diameter and car¬ ried playdate information. They were released from tall buildings fronting on Broadway in the Winter Garden vicinity and, naturally, caused considerable comment and excitement. These balloons are available to you! Besides releasing them generally you can give it out that the balloons carrying a lucky number or some other gimmick en¬ titles finder to free admittance to see "Green for Danger Copy on balloon reads: "See 'Green for Danger’ at the (theatre and playdate).” Remember this: Don’t inflate them with hydro¬ gen or you—nor anybody else—will ever see them again. Use plain air from bicycle pump, garage tank, spray gun, etc. Herewith, prices, f.o.b., New York: 500.$30.20 1,000.$50.20 Order from Economy Novelty and Printing Company 225 West 39th Street, New York City Page Five