Green for Danger (United Artists) (1946)

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TWO PAGES OF STUNTS SENSATIONAL PLOT, W ORD-OF-MOUTH will prove your most efficient sales angle in selling "Green for Danger," and the idea is to get it going as soon as you possibly can— which means at least two weeks before you open. Good way to do this is to start with the teaser ads illustrated on Pages Nine and 20 of this Press Book and then follow immediately with the stunts listed below. Use as many as you can I Think up others of your own! Remember: in order to get that word-of-mouth going you've got to display showmanship—the old-fashioned kind of showmanship! Showmanship like this: "GREEN" SPARKS ONE DAY CONTEST H ERE’S a one-shot for newspaper or herald use which plays on the word "green.” It’s simple and should get a lot of people interested. If you plant it in a newspaper, dress it up with some of the scene cuts illustrated in the Publicity Section of this Press Book. See "Green for Danger” As Theatre’s Guests! Green’s your lucky color today! You can win yourself a pair of guest tickets to see the sensational "Green for Danger” everybody’s talking about if you know a couple of well-known facts about green, and here’s your chance to find out how much you know. There are ten sentences below. Each is in¬ complete. We want you to fill in the correct words and rush your answers to us. First ten contestants who submit the cor¬ rect list get a pair of guest tickets each to see "Green for Danger,” an unparalleled ad¬ venture in screen suspense, when it opens . at the . Theatre! 1. A famous song sings about "those cool and limpid . .” 2. Lloyd Douglas wrote the popular novel "Green 3. The musical "Oklahoma!” is from the play "Green Grow . .” ■f. Bette Davis and George Arliss starred in the motion picture "The Green . 5. The famous Irish song celebrates "The . of the Green.” 6. Marc Connolly wrote the play "Green 8. Mary O’Hara wrote the novel "Green Grass 9. A famous lyric bids the "rain, make the . green again, rain.” 10. . Green was a name of a famous woman financier. (Answers on Page 30) FASHIONS What with the danger angle be¬ coming increasingly popular in the merchandising of women's garb and accessories (vide: recent perfume and lipstick ads) the title "Green for Dan¬ ger" gives you a perfect in for ads and window displays. "Blue," says such an ad or window card, "is for allure. Red for warmth. Yellow for charm. And GREEN FOR DANGER!" Displays, of course, are of green dresses, hats, emerald fripperies, etc. LOBBY STUNT: I F there is a professional weight guesser available among the people in town or if you can get one by arrangement with a visiting carnival, you can set up an intriguing lobby gag. The weight guesser sets up in your lobby and goes into his act. A big card near him states . . . "I'm the world's greatest weight de¬ tective ... see the 'world's greatest detec¬ tive' Inspector Cockrill in 'Green for Danger.'" POLICE HELP: I F you have established friendly rela¬ tions with the local police department you may be able to persuade the chief to make Inspector Cockrill an honorary member of his detective bureau. Of course the chief does this because he is so pleased by the brilliant deduction ex¬ hibited by Alastair Sim in "Green for Danger." You may be able to assist the chief in preparing a scroll to commemo¬ rate the event which can be displayed in your lobby. This might also make a news¬ paper story on the angle of "World's Greatest Detective Joins Local Force." • TACK CARDS: M AKE something extra-special out of your street light pole tack cards by combining special art of Alastair Sim as Inspector Cockrill with the "World's Greatest Detective" angle stressed in the Ad Campaign (See Pages 15, 17 and 21.) Cards utilize Stills 1PL-111-P8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15 and 17. Copy on the cards reads "'The World's Greatest Detective' went that way! Follow him to 'Green for Dan¬ ger' at the Theatre." Cards, of course, are arrow-shaped with arrows pointing toward your theatre. NEWSPAPERS: A LASTAIR SIM'S being hailed as "the world's greatest detective" suggests a question for a newspaper Inquiring Reporter. Guest tickets can be awarded for the best answer to the question below, and a blowup of the newspaper strip can be used as part of your lobby display on "Green for Danger." Here's the question: "Alastair Sim’s role in ( Green for Danger 9 won him the title r The world’s greatest detec¬ tive.’ Whom do you consider the screen’s greatest detective before him and in what picture?” NAIL POLISH: W IN yourself some window space on "Green for Danger" by tieing up the picture with "Green Dragon," a new shade of nail polish now being distributed nationally by Chen Yu Company. Con¬ tact local Chen Yu dealers and to arrange for window displays of the polish along with a copy card carrying this message: GREEN FOR DANGER! There's no nail polish as danger¬ ously exciting as Chen Yu's "Green Dragon" There's moment after moment of dangerous excitement in "Green for Danger" which starts at the Theatre. PAGES: A FEW judiciously distributed tips and passes should result in convincing bellboys and pageboys in the biggest hotels and restaurants to walk around saying: "'Green for Danger' calling Inspector Cockrill, The World's Greatest Detec¬ tive. Inspector Cockrill, the World's Great¬ est Detective, 'Green for Danger' is call¬ ing you." Page Six