Green for Danger (United Artists) (1946)

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SELL TITLE, ALASTAIR SIM! BOOKS Mystery fans all know Christianna Brand, who wrote "Green for Dan¬ ger," is one of the world's outstand¬ ing writers of whodunits and a little reminder to them that this story is hers should have a salubrious effect upon business. Reminder can take the form of a window card in bookshops and spe¬ cial bookmarks—made up by revamp¬ ing one of the one-column ad mats offered in this Press Book—inserted in all mystery books in shops and lend¬ ing libraries. Copy: "Christianna Brand, one of the world's greatest writers of mys¬ teries, wrote 'Green for Danger.'" CHIDNOFF STILLS CAN BE ORDERED I RVING CHIDNOFF, world-famed portrait photographer, has prepared a special series of camera studies of Leo Genn, who is featured in ”Gre.en for Danger,” which are available to you through regular National Screen channels. One of these is illustrated below. Chidnoff has been honored with special exhibits b. in Paris and Berlin. He has photographed such famous personalities as Wendell Willkie, Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt and Nicholas Murray Butler. The Chidnoff Studio is recognized throughout the nation as the top college annual photographer. Chidnoff is the official picture-maker for such famous universities as California, Arkansas, Ala¬ bama, Florida, North Carolina, Syracuse, Colum¬ bia, New York and many others. His portraits of Genn have been acclaimed by photographic ex¬ perts as being among the finest ever made. They are ideal for special newspaper features, etc. Order these portraits from National Screen Service. They are "Green for Danger” Stills 1PL- 111*01, 2, 3, 4 and 5. & « LEO GENN A camera study by Chidnoff, available through National Screen. UMBRELLAS: S TILL 1PL-1I1-P8A of Alastair Sim, "Green for Danger's" ace detective who uses an umbrella as his trademark, can logically and profitably be used for a window tieup with a local retailer of umbrellas. Copy can be pitched in a gag vein like this: "I couldn't catch a murderer with¬ out my umbrella" says Alastair Sim, star of "Green for Danger.' YOU can help avoid catching colds by carrying an umbrella from Blanks. LAST CALL: S AVE this "shot in the arm" throwaway gag for the last day of the run of "Green for Danger." It can really be a big business builder. Throwaway consists of green ink on white paper with copy reading "GREEN FOR DANGER" and YOU'RE IN DANGER! of missing the picture that Billy Rose says "Makes other pictures look like pillow fights in a girl's dormitory." TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR "GREEN FOR DAN¬ GER" AT THE . THEATRE! • SALES HELP: if you work this window gag with any Jfi’PHE World's Greatest Detective" can 1 become your town's best salesman local merchant who's having a sale im¬ mediately preceding or during the run of "Green for Danger." Gag uses art of Alastair Sim as Inspector Cockrill (Still 1P1-111-P8A) and copy reading: "Even Inspector Cockrill, 'world's greatest detective/ couldn't find better values." PARKS: K EEP selling the provocative title by checking with local Park Department to see if they are painting any benches or other pieces of equipment with green paint. If they are you can make up cards with this copy: "GREEN FOR DANGER ... LOOK OUT! WET PAINT!" Plant these cards on all benches, etc. as they are painted. This stunt can also be worked with any other green paint job which is going on around town. EMPTY STORES: E VEN the empty stores in town can help sell tickets for "Green for Danger" via the time-tested "soap the windows and. tease 'em" routine. Start it working by soaping all empty store windows leaving only a small surface clear. A copy card on the outside of the windows reads: "The world's greatest detective is inside." When the people look into the un¬ soaped portion they see a still of Sim (1PL-111-P8A) with copy reading: "I'm Inspector Cockrill, the world's greatest detective. See me solve the most baffling case of my career in 'Green for Danger.'" • LOBBY BOOK: ##TNSPECTOR Cockrill's Case Book" X can be used in your lobby the week before opening of "Green for Danger" to tell patrons that a super-exciting mystery is on the way. Idea is to take a selection of stills from the picture and mount on cardboard which is then tied together to make a book. Book is displayed on a stand in lobby. Over the stand is copy card reading: LOOK INTO THE CASE BOOK OF INSPECTOR COCKRILL THE WORLD'S GREATEST DETECTIVE SEE HIM IN ACTION IN "GREEN FOR DANGER" • DON'T FORGET All stills, mats and accessories listed in this Press Book should be ordered from your nearest exchange of National Screen Service. SAFE! Local safety agencies can be tied in with the picture by using a play on the title such as "GREEN FOR DANGER, TOO! Look both ways be¬ fore crossing—even when the lights are with you!" Slogan can be printed on cards for tacking purposes; it can be used on the radio between breaks; policemen at important intersections can be asked to repeat it to line plungers; it can be inscribed on all school black¬ boards; traffic violators may be re¬ quired to repeat it a hundred times; etc., etc., etc. Page Seven