Green for Danger (United Artists) (1946)

Record Details:

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'GREEN' AND SIM SOLD BY SUSPENSEFUL TRAILERS REEN FOR DANGER" is hailed as the year's suspense-filled sensa¬ tion! Convince your audience by using this specially prepared teaser trailer— containing outstanding scenes of the drama, the suspense and the expert per¬ formances of this critic-lauded film — to give you all the forceful selling punch you need for your advance buildup. The copy below gives you an idea of how smashingly successful this trailer will be: Follow this man in the footsteps of MURDER! The Screen's unparalleled adven¬ ture in SUSPENSE brings you the world's most amazing detec¬ tive . . . relentless in pursuit of MOTIVE . . . WEAPON ... and WOMAN! The picture so sensationally dif¬ ferent that showman BILLY ROSE said: "IT MAKES OTHER PICTURES LOOK LIKE PILLOW FIGHTS IN A GIRLS' DORMITORY!" SUSPENSE ... and TERROR ... and BREATHTAKING THRILLS ... in "GREEN FOR DANGER" Coming Soon Follow the teaser trailer with the regular trailer, which should run the week before the opening of "Green for Danger." To¬ gether they constitute an ideal pre-selling package. Order the Regular Trailer From Your Nearest National Screen Service Exchange Order the Teaser Trailer From National Screen Service 630 Ninth Avenue, New York City RADIO SPOT ANNOUNCEMENTS ONE MINUTE: "GREEN FOR DANGER" . . . "GREEN FOR DANGER" — Beware of this woman! Her eyes — Green! Her lips — Loving! Her motive — MURDER!!! Chills your blood doesn't it? Wait till you see . . . "GREEN FOR DANGER"! I, INSPECTOR COCKRILL, dare you to see . . . "GREEN FOR DANGER." They are calling me the world's greatest detective ... INSPECTOR COCKRILL! Follow me through terrifying suspense! shocking adventure! in the year's most sensational screen thriller . . . "GREEN FOR DANGER" . . . "GREEN FOR DANGER"! ONE MINUTE: "GREEN FOR DANGER" . . . "GREEN FOR DANGER" — Murder is frightening isn't it? But wait till you see "GREEN FOR DANGER"! And wait till you meet the greatest detective in the world — INSPECTOR COCKRILL — And follow him in the footsteps of MURDER in . . . "GREEN FOR DANGER"! An unparalleled adventure in suspense — brought thrillingly to the screen .. . and plunging you deeper and deeper into terror! Don't miss ... "GREEN FOR DAN¬ GER" . . . "GREEN FOR DANGER"! 30 SECONDS: "GREEN FOR DANGER" — Beware of this woman! Her eyes — Green ... Her lips — Loving . . . Her motive — MURDER!!! See . . . the year's most sensational thriller! Starring — the world's greatest detective—INSPECTOR COCKRILL! Don't miss "GREEN FOR DANGER" . . . "GREEN FOR DANGER"! 30 SECONDS: Ladies and Gentlemen! Remember this title: "GREEN FOR DANGER"! Remember this n«me: INSPECTOR COCKRILL! "GREEN FOR DANGER" — an unparalleled adventure in suspense! Starring INSPECTOR COCKRILL, the world's greatest detective! See .. . "GREEN FOR DAN¬ GER" .. . "GREEN FOR DANGER"! 15 SECONDS: Do you sleep well at night? Are your nerves on edge? Are you afraid? You aren't? Then see ... "GREEN FOR DANGER" ... "GREEN FOR DANGER"! 15 SECONDS: Shocks! Thrills!! Suspense!!! All in "GREEN FOR DANGER" . . . "GREEN FOR DANGER"! ALL ON ONE PLATTER—six dramatic radio transcriptions —highlighting the drama, suspense and exciting action of "Green for Danger." Unusual sound effects heighten the strange conflicts of a mind in terror! This platter will command the attention of every listener before and during the playing of this outstanding adventure in screen suspense at your theatre. The platter contains two one-minute, two 30-second spots and two 15-second spots. ORDER this platter from Exploitation Manager, Eagle Lion Films, 165 West 46th Street, New York 19, New York . I N addition to the spots and stunts listed on this page, many of the "Green for Dan¬ ger" exploitation suggestions on Pages Four, Five, Six and Seven of this Press Book can be angled towards radio. Check these stunts to make sure that you get all the free radio time that these stunts deserve. Radio is one of your best selling aids —USE IT! SPACE-GRABBING RADIO GAGS Does your town have a shopping news reporter who gets tired of hunting for a new angle to hang her daily chatter on? You can solve her problems for one day at least by lending her "The World's Greatest Detective" to go on her bargain hunt for her. Fact that you are a regular time-buyer on the station should help you sell the idea. Her program can use the slant "Today I sent Inspector Cockrill, The World's Greatest Detective" and star of "Green for Danger," which is now playing at the Theatre, out to shop the town for me. And he's come back with some great values "You may not be able to be the 'World's Greatest Detective' like Inspector Cockrill, star of 'Green For Danger,' but you can be our town's greatest tune detective and win guest tickets to see him at the Theatre." That's your pitch on a radio gag which can plug your film title and Alastair Sim. Idea is to get one of the stores with which you regularly co-operate and which already buys radio time to have its disc jockey play a tune without an¬ nouncing the title. First one or first ten to call in the correct title to the station can win guest tickets to see "Green for Danger." Page Eight