I Accuse (United Artists) (1919)

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Complete Press Stories For Your Newspaper Campaign ABEL GANCE’S sensational production “I ACCUSE” For the convenience of Exhibitors, the press stories in this folder have been arranged so that they can be handled by the theatre manager or publicity man with the greatest dispatch and efficiency. MANY OF THE STORIES ARE PRINTED TWO OR FOUR TIMES . It is a very small town, indeed, that does not have more than one newspaper. In the larger cities, where there are usually three or four newspapers of importance, it is the practice to have all of the newspapers run the same announcement stories. The preparation of these identical sets of publicity stories by the the- tre staff takes time, which we hope our medium will save. In sending out these stories, it will merely be necessary to clip as many copies of each story as are desired from the following pages. FILL IN THE NAME OF YOUR THEATRE AND THE DATE OF THE RUN, where indicated, and then take them to the different newspaper offices. We hope that this method of handling press stories will be found a convenience by the theatre management. WRITE AT D TELL US all about your campaign.