I Cover the Waterfront (United Artists) (1933)

Record Details:

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LOITATION f HFRONT"/ Reporter’s Note Book A Teaser Novelty Here is a give-away of an unusual nature. This page, supposedly torn from a reporter’s notebook, is printed on coated stock and the size is by 8 inches when open, and 5 y 2 by 4 inches folded. The title of the picture is hidden in the message shown on the left. However, by turning over the flap of the folder the words, “I Cover The Waterfront” appear through the die-cut openings. Your theatre imprint and playdate'is prominently displayed on the back. This novelty is priced as follows: 500. First 1,000 . 3,000 5,000 . 10,000 Order these direct from ECONOMY $5.00 6.00 5.50 per thousand 5.00 per thousand 4.50 per thousand NOVELTY PRINTING CO. 239 West 39th Street New York City V Ten and ink impressions on "9 Goner The Waterfront" Tie Up COVER. THE WATERFRONT NEWSPAPER ART FEATURE (6—3 col.—Mat 15c. Cut 60c.) With Your Local Paper If your theatre is located in a seaport town such as New York, Baltimore, New Orleans, etc., you have a natural as far as newspaper tieups are concerned. Preview the picture for the ship news reporters. They undoubtedly will be enthusiastic over the authentic handling of this film. In New York, for example the various ship news re¬ porters contributed exploitation ideas of their own and helped us exploit the picture. Regardless of whether your town is an inland city or a seaport town, your newspaper should publish each day, one of the unusual feature stories mentioned on page six of this pressbook. These exciting waterfront accounts make marvelous reading and will arouse a tremendous interest in advance of the showing of the picture at your theatre. Be sure that this series of articles run at least six days previous to the opening of “I Cover the Waterfront and overlap four days with the run. Furnish the paper with photographs of various scenes from the picture and in advance publicity stories offer a reward to anyone who can prove that stories contained in this series are not authentic occurrences taken directly from actual newspaper records. Each instalment of the story as published in your local newspaper should be posted on a display board in the lobby of your theatre so that the tieup between you and your paper will be brought forcibly to the movie public’s mind. "FVE SEEN the blackest scoundrel that ever lived become the whitest hero that ever died by giving up his life for the one man he hated so his daughter could marry the one man she loved*” UNITED ARTISTS PICTURE