I Cover the Waterfront (United Artists) (1933)

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"I COVER THE WATERFRONT" Comm if N EXT WEEK Starting SATURDAY your exitdoots sd that ^crowds ijeavlnd the theatre will see this int^rejsWprtfvbking sign> All of the above illustrated^silhoueftes taken fjrorti| actual stills from the picture. Yoj^ can either create your own dis¬ play by blowing up the above illustration to the size that fits your theatre requirements, <W if you prefer, we will send you the seven stills whfoch were used to make up this display. Order these direct from the United Artists Exploitation Department, 729 7th Avenue, New York City. The set of seven stills is priced at 70c per set. These stills are numbered 56, 64, 65, 72, 80, 82 and 122. Use For Front of House In order to take advantage of the expense you have invested in constructing this lobby display, utilize it of yourl theatre front for the week that the 'i'dt^irfe playy^rour theatre. Irt othef words, after it e? its putppse as an advan/e teaser on the picture, then be built into your theatrfe front. In hand¬ ling |it 4or the lobby it is adMisable to put a skidoo plug behind each one of |the seven illustra¬ tions, these plugs to be so arranged las to go on and off in a logical sequence.-Thus,! for example, the figure of Ernest Torrence c/4 thie right will be high¬ lighted and then fade into; darkness, while the on- rushing boat in the center j§?|tfce dijkplay will jump into prominence as the light behind it flashes on. The sides of this display should naturally be masked in to give you sufficient depth so that if any of the lights do not work you can move the front of the display, adjust the electrical connections and replace the black and white silhouettes; The title and the date of the opening of the theatre, as shown below the illus¬ trations, should also be prominently lighted so as to indelibly connect the figures above with the title of the picture. OVER. THE| FATERFRONT // I’VE SEEN sharks getting men at sea!...Women getting men on land!...Fatheads getting tight* ...Redheads getting loose!... Hell popping nd nobody stopping ... at anything ... to “get” their woman or “get” their man . . . down there...on the waterfront!” UNITED MARQUEE HANGER To Attract Attention The above pictured lobby hanger is made of heavy cardboard, die-cut to shape and printed on both sides. The size is 14 inches in diameter, punched and strung, ready to hang in lobby, under marquee or strung around the box-office. They are priced as follows: 1,000. 7c each 100.10c “ 500 . 8c “ 50.11c “ 250.9c “ 25 12c “ Order these direct from ECONOMY NOVELTY & PRINTING CO. 239 West 39th Street New York City Colortone Slide PICTURE On the left is illustrated a spe¬ cial slide which you should use in advance of the main title on “I Cover the Waterfront.” It is high¬ ly colored in two sizes, for any standard equipment. Colored posi¬ tive alone will give excellent re¬ sults and can also be used with un¬ colored negative to obtain greater depth. 4" x 5"—Colored positive only $2.00 Set (positive and negative) 3.00 3 y 2 " x 4"—Colored positive only 1.50 Set (positive and negative) 2.25 Order by Number N-535 direct from National Studios, Inc., 226 West 56th Street, New York City. Send remittance with order to avoid parcel post and C.O.D. charges.