I Cover the Waterfront (United Artists) (1933)

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Picture Geti The RAVEf/ LOOK UNDER THIS SAIL If you want to sde the most exciting picture in town, if youywant to discover the inside stories whicjv^shock the public, the things they don't dare to print, if you want to know where the biggest fish and the fishermen's prettiest daughters play on the beaches; where girls wear only a smile -when they swim, then look under this sail. DIE-CUT SAIL BOAT WITH CONCEALED IMPRINT Above you see illustrated a die-cut card measuring 3*4" by 6" upon which is fas¬ tened a white paper sail die-cut to shape. Beneath this sail will be your theatre im¬ print and playdate, including the title of the picture. This is a very unusual novelty and especially priced at 500, $4.50; 1,000, $6.00 per thousand; 3,000, $5.50 per thou¬ sand; 5,000, $5.00 per thousand, and 10,000, $4.50 per thousand. Order these direct from Economy Novelty and Printing Co., 239 West 39th Street, New York City. Book Reviews Unanimous! One of the most refreshing books I have read in years. Harry Hansen, N. Y. World-Telegram One of the finest books to appear in many a month. Let there be no mistake about the unquali¬ fied praise of this review. Atlanta Journal This is the sort of book we get too rarely. Elmer Davis Sees all he sees with a grand sense of humor and more than a touch of sympathy. Columbus Citizen Very exciting, and a fascinating and different book. Buffalo Times Max Miller on the set with Claudette Colbert, daring the filming of his book " 1 Cover the Waterfront Se nd Publicity Mate rial To Li terary Editors As Well As Movie Page Writers (3—Max Miller, Mat 10c., Cut 40c.) Here’s your chance to get a double measure of well-deserved publicity. In addition to sending your regular publicity releases to motion picture editors of local newspapers be sure that you give the liter¬ ary editors a full share of “I Cover the Waterfront” publicity. A special two-column mat, shown above, shows Max Miller with Claudette Colbert. This is a very newsy type of illustration and can Bd planted on the book page of your leading newspaper. The book editor previously reviewed the novel and it might be well for you to invite him to one of the first showings of the picture. Max Miller himself, being such a colorful character, his name is an open sesame to the news editor’s desk. On the next page you will find a brief biography of Max Miller, author of “I Cover the Waterfront.” This story should be planted in conjunction with the above mentioned illustration. Claudette Colbert Fashions Claudette Colbert is one of the best dressed feminine stars on the screen. Re¬ production of some of the latest gowns which she has displayed are available to department stores and specialty shops. As soon as you date the picture write direct to Modern Merchandising Bureau, 36 West 44th Street, who will inform you as to the stores in the locality of your theatre who will handle window displays on Claudette Colbert fashions. It is to your own welfare to supply these stores with stills taken from scenes of “I Cover the Waterfront,” to be used as a background for the fashion dis¬ plays featuring Miss Colbert. All details of the tieup will be handled by Modern Merchandising and if there is any particu¬ lar store in your locality that you prefer to tie up with, use the name of this store in communicating with them. Auto Tire Cover The tire covers on “I Cover the Waterfront” are made of a strong, durable card so shaped that they will fit the tire of any standard | automobile. They will stand up over a long period of time and will hold their colors and look smart, despite rough usage. These covers are made up in two color effect and are start¬ lingly visible for quite a long distance. Place these on as many automobiles, taxicabs and other vehicles, at least a week in advance of your showing so that this flashy moving bill¬ board on “I cover the Waterfront” will be driven all over your city and let people know that a smash picture is coming to town. They are priced as follows: Lots of 10 75c each Lots of 25 40c “ Lots of 50 33c “ Lots of 100 30c “ Lots of 200 .28c “ There is an additional charge of 15c per cover for hand lettering your theatre imprint and playdate. Prices are f.o.b. THE HINSON MANUFACTURING CO. Waterloo, Iowa I COVER THE WATERFRONT with CLAUDETTE COLBERT BEN LYON ERNEST TORRENCE Presented by JOSEPH M. SCHENCK Produced by Edward Small “I’ve seen chinamen smuggled into the country in the bellies of sharks — and seen the poor devils thrown overboard — and drowned — ALIVE — to destroy evidence. “I’ve seen everything and DONE everything — yes, even loved a dame and shot her father — to get a story —and I got it—and I’m TELLING it!” From the famous book by Max Miller ARTISTS PICTURE 10—Three Col. Ad (Mat .15; Cut .60)