I Cover the Waterfront (United Artists) (1933)

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Order Blank "I COVER THE WATERFRONT" Let These Lobby Cards Draw The Crowds To Your Theatre There’s real showmanship urge to these vividly colored lobby accessories. The contrasting color schemes lift the 11 x 14’s, 22 x 28’s and the 14 x 36 card right out of the ordinary groove. Interesting highlights of "I Cover the Waterfront” are illustrated in eye-arresting fashion. Provocative scenes and romantic moments are skillfully woven into these lobby decorations. Local merchants will be more than eager to display these cards in their windows. They are ever on the lookout for really novel material to attract the attention of the passersby. Be sure your theatre imprint and play date are featured prominently in this connection. For more than a week previous to your opening date of ”1 Cover the Waterfront” these accessories should decorate your lobby. They will create advance teaser interest and tie in directly with the ads you run in the newspaper ahead of opening days. Remem¬ ber these lobbies create a flash that you can translate into cash. Send to: Manager. Town.State.. HOW MANY POSTERS (Quantity Prices For Each Picture Only) AMOUNT 7c each 6c each 5c each (1 to 50). (51 to 100).. (over 100) .. INSERT CARDS @ 25c each (1 to 25). @ 22c each (26 to 50). .. @ 20c each (51 to 100). .. @ 18c each (over 100) ... HERALDS ..M @ $3.00 per M (lM to 5M).. ..M @ $2.75 per M (over 5M). ..M @ $2.50 per M (over 10M).... PHOTOS Set 11x14s @ 75c per set... (8 in set—Colored) Set 22x28s @ 80c per set... (2 in Set—Colored) Stills 8x10—10c each. MISCELLANEOUS Slide @ 15c each..... Mats @ 5c per Col.—. Cuts @ 20c per Col..... Press Books Gratis... (These Prices Apply to JJ. S. Only) TOTAL TELL THE PUBLIC ABOUT YOUR SHOW Apply at your nearest United Artists Exchange for CUTS and MATS. 22 x 28 14 x 36 22 x 28