I Cover the Waterfront (United Artists) (1933)

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I MAKE THE BY WHOLE TOWN COOPERATE SELLING DEALERS SPACE IN • THIS HERALD Heralds are miniature billboards and afford you an opportunity of smashing home" a message to your patrons at very slight cost. The herald prepared on "I Cover the Waterfront” has been reproduced in rich, warm, attractive colors that will catch the eye of your patrons and leave them with an urge to see the picture when it plays your theatre. The back page of this accessory has been left blank for the imprint of local dealers who can help defray the cost of buying and distributing this high-powered seat-seller. TELL THEM WITH TRAILERS To permit you to take full advantage of the advertising possi¬ bilities of your screen, a punchy trailer, complete with interest- arousing scenes and strong sales copy, has been prepared for your use. Trailers enable you to reach the people who make up the back¬ bone of your audience and afford you an opportunity of striking home the salient points of "I Cover the Waterfront” in terms of entertainment. National Screen Service has prepared a trailer which not only gets its message home in very brief time, but also, through its mounting and artistic finish, conveys to the patron the production values that are to be found in "I Cover the Waterfront.” Write for special contract arrangement NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE, Inc. 126 West 46th St., N. Y. C. 1307 So. Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill. 1922 So. Vt. Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 300Vi So. Harwood St., Dallas, Tex. Above—Cover of Herald Right — Inside spread of Herald Herald Colors Green and Magenta HERALDS COST ONLY $3-00 per thousand JOSEPH M.SCHENCK. .a BEN IYO and ERNEST TORRENCE A strange story of strange loves among the strange people of the seaports. Human contraband smuggled in the bodies of giant sharks. The scourge of the waterfront risking life itself for a man he hated — a man his daughter loved. ' \ From the Famous Book IsT by MAX MILLER EDWARD production UNITED ARTISTS PICTURE BRING THEM IN WITH THESE ACCESSORIES! Accessories are the backbone of your contact with the public. Use them for all they are worth. Everything you can possibly need in the way of advertising material has been prepared for your use on this picture. On this page you will find the heralds and slide. Then there is a flashy array of litho¬ graphs including one. three, six, and twenty-four sheets. Large heads of stars are brought out in vivid colors to catch the eye. Use these cut-outs for your marquee. Lobby Displays—this material is to be used in your lobby, the show-window of your business. Cuts and mat's have been prepared and are illustrated in this press book. Make use of the stories and sell your local editors on the idea to run photos of the leading characters. All this material has been prepared to assist you in putting over a whale of an exploitation campaign. Your Slide