Jigsaw (United Artists) (1949)

Record Details:

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When you aati mixed , up in this racket Baby . ~~ FRANCHOT TONE JEAN WALLACE: MARC LAWRENCE-MYRON McCORMICK An Edward J. and Harry Lee Danziger Production Directed by Fletcher Markle you got mixed up in MURDER” got STARRING PUZZLE: Watch for the Surprise Guest Stars hidden in the Film! Released thru United Artists 3 col. x 115 lines—345 lines CAUGHT in the (TNT) PUZZLE OF A MURDEROUS RACKET TORN hetWeen two kinds een == ps : Re ae Ricca Released thru ae United Artists Sey Mat 205 OAS. ae RE Ren Oe SURES RUNES? QORRRNMUS RMSE | sai “SRRRSLE RON Srnec SANA Bile EI NaS SSP SET Released thru United Artists 2 col. x 28 lines—56 lines Page Two Mat 302 mixed _ “. . up in MURDER! ame aa Le DR JIGSAW A Puzzle of Love, Hate and Sudden Death! ! col. x 100 lines CAUGHT in the A TMU ena tae UM UOT AN EDWARD J. AND HARRY LEE DANZIGER PRODUCTION MACCRAGH 4) PUZZLE: Watch for the Surprise 4 #14] Guest Stars Hidden |B bi! in the Film! 3 Mat 103 (NI) PUZZLE OF A MURDEROUS RACKET... aa ae mee I A Puzzle of Love, mele and-Sudden Death! STARRING ee ee a ) ‘ PUZZLE: Watch for the sURPRist GUEST STARS HIDDEN IN THE FILM! ‘Relected thru United Artists | col. x 28 lines ay SiN d : * A Puzzle of love, Hate ond Sudden Death! STARRING i ee Released thru United Artists STARRING | col. x 14 lines Both on Mat IOI Cea EU eet a TORN hetWeen tw0 Kinds of LOVE! Uta at ee TC MT ND A-Puzzle of Love, Hate and Sudden Death! Ue SLC aL ta i UM Te TT VN Pa Tea sO PM AC dea Lame LER UETRLE a TYY | col. x 75 lines @ Both on Mat 201 Bs ; Za és —— a sie TOWER ae L1G Tae AW Tu ch | > E... HATE and , a= : abla STARRING FRANCHOT TONE Released thru United Artists 2 col. x !4 lines—-28 lines Mat 102 Copyright MCMXLIX by United Artists Corp., New York, N. Y.