Jigsaw (United Artists) (1949)

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packing the punch of slashing brass knuckles! 2 col. x 125 lines—250 lines packing the punch of slashing brass knuckles! 2 col. x 75 lines—1I50 lines rama TCA Toye A Puzzle of Love, Hate and Sudden Death! STARRING FRANCHOT TONE eee aoa i DM aa Te CS LLY eRe ELL a ea a OP ha ee eR CAC gee Lee AL NC UL NY Mat 204 nena JIGSAW’ A Puzzle of Love; Hate and Sudden Death! STARRING EC eT: ee AAU ae ea a mem H TBA Tee Le ee Ramana eT EPMA Directed by FLETCHER MARKLE Released thru UNITEDARTISTS Mat 202 SECOND | URDER OUTRAGE SHOCKS Blonde Torch Singer As Key To Strange New Racket! Jan. 28, 19 49—A Special ane gator has been appointed, ry Governor to pry into the, sensational developmen surrounding the mur¢ L of a popular news paney mnist. l. x 100 lines—3C0O lines SYNOPSIS A hate racket has moved into town causing the supposed suicide of a printer of pamphlets connected with it. Assistant District Attorney Howard Malloy (Franchot Tone) discards the suicide theory of the police. His suspicions are based on the findings of an energetic newspaper columnist, Charlie Riggs (Myron McCormick), who is ruthlessly exposing this new mob. Malloy happens to be engaged to Riggs’ sister, Caroline (Betty Harper). He is doubly anxious to break this racket when Riggs also is murdered. Riggs’ paper, aroused by this horrible crime, calls for a special prosecutor, and Mrs. Hartley (Winifred Lenihan) , wife of the late Judge Hartley, — who for vears has been leading the fight for civic betterment, suggests that the District Attorney appoint Malloy for the job. Malloy finds the poster of a_ beautiful girl among Charlie Riggs’ possessions. He feels that this poster is his first clue. It leads him first to the artist name Kosterich (Hedley Rainnie) who had painted the girl, then to a man called ‘Angel” Angostini’ (Marc Lawrence). The “Angel” is a ward heeler who runs a political club, but Malloy has reason to suspect that he is the brains behind the racket. His clue eventually leads him also io the girl on the poster, Barbara Whitfield (Jean Wallace), who is now singing at The Blue Angel. Barbara has heen given orders to leave town by the “Angel.” She knows too much. Malloy visits her and warns her that she is being used as a tool for the Angel. She savagely attacks him, realizing that he, too, has been using her. He falls, hits his head against a fireplace, and is unconscious when Mrs. Hartley opens the door suddenly and shoots Barbara. Kosterich arrives at the apartment a few moments later, and Mrs. Hartley hides, but can hear everything they say. Malloy regains consciousness and frightens Kosterich into telling him the truth. Kosterich accuses Mrs. Hartley of being the leader of the racket. He has stolen papers from her home for blackmailing purposes, that will incriminate her, the “Angel” and everybody involved. These papers are now hidden behind a painting at the Contemporary Museum. Kosterich and Malloy go to the museum. But Mrs. Hartley had slipped from the apartment ahead of them and is already there. So is the “Angel” and his henchmen, who had _ followed her. Malloy arrives just as Mrs. Hartley retrieves the papers. But first he encounters the “Angel” and shoots him down in the ensuing fight. When Mrs. Hartley sees Malloy, she atempts to kill him, but he shoots first. ONE bets PUZZLE: Watch for the SURPRISE GUEST STARS HIDDEN IN THE FILM! Mat Tower Pictures 13% present ; 60% in && ay JIGSAW” »: with JEAN WALLACE MARC LAWRENCE MYRON McCORMICK 25% An Edward J. and Harry Lee Danziger Production 15% Directed by Fletcher Markle 15% Released thru United Artists 15% ElowardtalVialloysocs ccm encdaete ater cts Franchot Tone Barbara+W hnitivel dysvcstels ce eacads cree Jean Wallace Charles Riggs ................Myron McCormick AnGel ot A POstiinines iw cutie teee oe Marc Lawrence Mrs aidan ticvers |: si@ticc sees itepeaci Winifred Lenihan Caroline Riggs =. a.csetat ones Pees Betty Harper Sismund es Wosterichi=y cates so Hedley Rainnie District Atorney Walker ......... Walter Vaughn INNUECK IES sas ereeasbe tele 5 shear ae hee cia George Breen ‘Pommny + Quigley ie. screech ae ececle wontons Robert Gist Mirss,Borge erie reine ate Hester Sondergaard Ret 2ShopeO went cities ieee eee oe ee Luella Gear PEMbELION: Shei st miekiea eee Alexander Campbell Wealldrons caacdkssant =r poate toners Robert Noe Nicholyecei teh tict ca others oe Alexander Lockwood Wayli@iss tena a sla © cman heeerenneeae Ken Smith Whirsetini= Guards oct Seine ntoos oe ee Alan Macateer Warehouse Guard .+..... 0054.00. Manuel Aparicio STE air ects secs ea diese tae eae Brainard Duffield Produced by Edward J. and Harry Lee Danziger; Directed by Fletcher Markle; Screenplay by Fletcher Markle and Vincent McConnor; From an original story by John Roeburt; Musical Score by Robert W. Stringer; Director of Photography, Don Malkames, A.S.C.; Film Editor, Robert Matthews; Recording Director, David M. Polak; Special Effects by William L. Nemeth; Assistant Director, Sal J. Scoppa, Jr.; Makeup created by Fred Ryle; Blue Angel Night Club, courtesy Blue Angel. Page Three 301