Jigsaw (United Artists) (1949)

Record Details:

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Lead With This » For A Campaign > Of Jigsaw Stunts! » Your title lends itself naturally to jigsaw gim | | micks! Lead off with this unique jigsaw puzzle throwaway. Reprint sufficient quantities for distribution as a teaser herald and package stuffer in cooperating stores. Back space is blank for co-op merchandising ads or program announcements. Art Only Available on Mat (3A) e a This is how your completed JIGSAW will look! cen Follow thru with this: Merchant Ad Co-Op A unique co-op page can be fashioned by using all the various elements of your “Jigsaw Puzzle” in the regular ads taken by cooperating merchants. Readers are asked to cut out and mount pieces of ads into completed picture, and in 25 words or less complete the statement: “I Want to see ‘JIGSAW’ beCASO en's ecru ” Following suggested copy should head page: “No Puzzle About The Value Of These Buys! ... First 10 Completed Jigsaw Puzzles Sent To The Gem Theatre Will Win FREE Tickets To See ‘JIGSAW’!”’ Window Display Get local toy-and-game shops to feature “Jigsaw Puzzle” in window. Add stills from exchange set, playdate credits and following suggested copy: “Jigsaw For Fun At Home For Thrilling Entertainment SEE ‘JIGSAW’ starring Franchot Tone at the Gem Theatre!” Jigsaw Eye-Stopper Rig a giant jigsaw from your |-sheet or 3-sheet. Idea is to have two attractive girls assemble your jigsaw cutouts in window of town’s leading toy-andgame shop. Same gimmick could be done in lobby of theatre. Page Four What Does This ‘Jigsaw’ Reveal? For excitement, entertainment and enjoyable fun ... Cut out the seperate pieces and then put “JIGSAW” together! SEE FANCHOT TONE IN “JIGSAW” AT THE GEM THEATRE NOW!! Missing Jigsaw Piece Bay “Still VC-104” available in Exchange Set “A” at National Screen Exchange. Sparks Citywide Stunt Set up a citywide Jigsaw stunt by dis tributing thousands of 6” x 9” handbills reading: ‘“*This May Be The Missing Piece Of The ‘JIGSAW’ In The Lobby Of The Gem Theatre! .. . If It Fits You Win FREE Tickets To See Franchot Tone In ‘JIGSAW’ !”’ Include a limited number of 7” x 10” handbills which will fit the open space in your lobby display, set up as illustrated at left. The holders of these special-size giveaways win free tickets to “Jigsaw.” Handbills should be printed on heavy stock paper or cardboard. Construct the display by enlarging figures of “Still VC-104” and adding copy as shown. Same idea could be used in cooperation with group of merchants who donate prizes.