Jigsaw (United Artists) (1949)

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¥ pinnacle Biographies of Franchot Tone and Featured Players -Franchot ‘Tone Enjoys Ups-And-Downs Of Stage When, as a young man attending classes at Cornell University, Franchot Tone began to express an all-consuming’ interest in the stage, his socially prominent family was quite upset. His father, an industrial tycoon of Buffalo, had hoped that Franchot would follow in his footsteps and become one of the nation’s leading business executives. However, Franchot decided against a life of board meeting's in favor of the highly uncertain profession of acting. And he has never regretted his choice. Currently he can be seen in the starring role of “Jigsaw,” the stirring drama of love and hate produced by Edward and Harry Danziger. The film is being released by United Artists and opens on at the Theatre. His first excursions into stage business were in various little theatre ventures in New York’s Greenwich Village. When he finally snared roles in hit Broadway plays his parents became reconciled to his choice of a career. In Hollywood he has starred in a long line of films, including “Dark Waters,” “Phantom Lady,” “Her Husband’s Affairs” and “Every Girl Should Be Married.” His current film, “Jigsaw,” was photographed entirely in New York. Recently he finished a production of his own, “Man On the Eiffel Tower,” which was filmed in Paris, with Jean Wallace co-starred with Burgess Meredith and Charles Laughton. Vital Statistics: Tone is five feet eleven inches tall and weighs 170 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He was once married to Joan Crawford. After his divorce he married Jean Wallace, who plays the part of the exciting night club entertainer in “Jigsaw.” They have two sons. Tone and Miss Wallace were recently divorced. Beautiful, Exciting Jean Wallace a Hit in ‘Jigsaw’ A comparative newcomer, Jean Wallace, who was recently divorced from Franchot Tone, plays a powerful, dramatic role opposite her former husband in “Jigsaw,” the absorbing drama currently playing at the ete Theatre through United Artists release. Miss Wallace, who is under contract to 20th Century-Fox, was borrowed by the producers, Edward and Harry Danziger, for the key role of the glamorous night club singer in this picture, a part that will probably catapult her to stardom. That is the opinion of those in the know in Hollywood. Her beauty, and sultry type of acting, are reminiscent of the late Jean Harlow, and her role as the night club enchantress in “Jigsaw” gives her ample opnortunity to demonstrate her _..usual talents. Jean, who is 23, was married to Franchot Tone in 1948. “Jigsaw” marks her first important role, but Jean was in the cast of “When My Baby Smiles At Me” before she sailed for France to appear in Tone’s own production, “The Man On the Eiffel Tower,” opposite Burgess Meredith and _ Charles Laughton. Still VC-92 Gorgeous Jean Wallace is one of the reasons why “Jigsaw,” the dramatic Franchot Tone starrer, is a “must.” The film, produced by Edward and Harry Danziger, opens at the Theatre through United Artists release. Mat (1A) TONE ADVISES YOUNG ACTORS Just as it takes a firm foundation to build a good house, it takes a background of extensive training and much experience to make a good actor. That’s the theory of Franchot Tone, who is currently starring in the thrilling Edward and Harry Danziger production of “Jigsaw,” which opens next AG the psec ho aan Theatre through United Artists release. There are very few stars who are able to speak with such authority on the stage and screen as Franchot Tone. Before coming to Hollywood he was a star on Broadway and reached that through hard work ith stock companies and small theatre groups. “The craft of acting is not an easy one,” says Tone. “The actor must learn many parts, must master many characterizations. It is definitely not doing the same thing day after day, as one does in the _ business world.” Tone’s advice to young wouldbe actors is “find the group in your community most interested in the theatre. If there isn’t one, help to form one in your school, church or club. For,’ he contends, “there is no better schooling for an actor than the Little Theatre right in your own home town.” In “Jigsaw,” Tone, playing the role of a racket buster who defies all laws of personal safety to smash a ruthless gang, draws a sharp contrast to the romantic parts in which he has lately been seen. The film was photographed entirely in New York and the fast action sweeps through the busy streets of the metropolis. In top supporting roles in the cast are beautiful Jean Wallace, Myron McCormick, Mare Lawrence, Betty Harper, Winifred Lenihan and many other well-known players. Still VC-66 Hedley Rainnie and star Franchot Tone in a tense scene from the Edward and Harry Danziger drama, “Jigsaw,” at the ore. ene. a int 6-# Theatre through United Artists release. Mat (2A) ‘Top Stars Make Surprise Guest Appearances In Film Ap visit: to thes Theatre this week to catch the exciting Edward and Harry Danziger mystery drama, “Jigsaw,” will give fans an added thrill they did not expect. The film, which is being released by United Artists, has “the surprise cast of the year.” Besides its star, Franchot Tone, and besides the stellar performances of Jean Wallace, Myron McCormick and other well known players, the producers were able to enlist some of Hollywood’s most famous stars to appear in guest bit roles. One of these famous stars— we can’t mention names here, that’s the surprise! — strolls gracefully into focus in a night club scene, another appears as a sarcastic street corner loiterer, and still another makes his entrance as a humorous bartender. One of our glamour girls emerges as a secretary, and, to top it all, a top flight stage and srceen star plays a busy waiter. “Jigsaw” was filmed entirely in New York, capturing the essence and color of that exciting city. Also, the thrilling climactic scenes were filmed right in the Brooklyn Museum which serves as a hiding place for evidence essential to the story. GES Sull VC-128 Franchot Tone has a dramatic starring role in “Jigsaw,” due sopetneaas at the ....... Theatre through United Artists release. Mat (1B) Mare Lawrence Plays Tough On Screen—But Not In Real Life Still VC-111 Mare Lawrence in “Jigsaw.” Mat (1€) Marc Lawrence, who is seen so often on the screen playing tough men, gangsters and heavies, ran into a little difficulty while playing in the Edward and Harry Danziger mystery drama, “Jigsaw,’’ which stars IFranchot Tone. The terrific action sequences which serve as a climax to the film were taken right in the famed Brooklyn Museum, and, during a short recess, Lawrence decided to go to a corner drug store for some coffee. Luckily he had star Franchot Tone with him, as two policemen looked up when Lawrence entered the store and, after a hurried whisper, sauntered up to the counter. They at first thought this familiar face was wanted by the police, but when Tone reeled off the actor’s score of gangster roles, they beat a hasty retreat. “Jigsaw” was filmed entirely in New York. _ Top Stage Star Plays Featured Role in ‘Jigsaw’ Myron McCormick, who is one of Broadway’s most-in-demand actors, plays his first important screen role in the Edward and Harry Danziger production of “Jigsaw” which stars Franchot Tone. This tense, absorbing drama is being released by United Artists and starts an enSacementson= ae... ke at the em te Theatre. McCormick’s career in the theatre began as a young man, just out of school, when he joined a group of earnest young actors and actresses who called themselves The University Players. Among his colleagues who today are also famous on stage and screen are Henry Fonda, James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan and Mildred Natwick. In “Jigsaw,” McCormick plays a hard-hitting newspaperman who has no thought of his own personal safety as he traces down the gang whose racket he plans to expose. As Franchot Tone’s pal in the picture, MeCormick portrays a real life relationship, as they they have been friends since their earliest days on Broadway. McCormick shares featured honors with Jean Wallace, Mare Lawrence and Winifred Lenihan. Director Markle Wade “‘Jigsaw’’ Thrilling Film Called one of the most creative talents of the day, Fletcher Markle, at 28, has won a name for himself in radio work and on the stage and screen. His latest effort, “Jigsaw,” starring Franchot Tone, can be seen now SVGmCN Gane toe, Theatre through United Artists release. This thrilling drama of love and hate, filmed entirely in New York, was produced by Edward and Harry Danziger. Markle directed the film and collaborated on the screenplay as well. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Markle joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1942. Later he went to London where the British Ministry of Information commissioned him to write and narrate a film for American consumption which would tell of the damage done in Britain by the robot bombs. Called “V1,” this documentary was hailed as one of the best to come out of the war. Markle now directs “The Ford Theatre of the Air.” FAMOUS ARTIST CAST IN ‘JIGSAW’ Hedley Rainnie, who plays the artist Kosterich in “Jigsaw,” the tense film drama starring Franchot Tone, now playing at the Theatre through United Artists release, in real life is a fine painter whose works have hung in galleries both here and in England. Rainnie, who makes his American screen debut in “Jigsaw,” played on the London stage and, after the war, brought his family to Canada, where Director Fletcher Markle saw him in a play. And so, when it came time to cast an actor in the role of the artist in “Jigsaw,” Markle thought of Rainnie who painted every member of the cast between scenes. Page Seven