Jigsaw (United Artists) (1949)

Record Details:

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ACCESSORIES | POSTERS woman ° 1-SHEET dnyt}; ythin. can happen! THREESHEET MAKE UP YOUR OWN HERALD mM man | and woman map ormeu tease For a teaser herald giveaway, be sure to see the “Jigsaw” mat on page 4! Print a sufficient quantity locally, using back space for program copy. Distribute these jigsaw puzzles in the usual way... but also seek extra distribution thru local merchants, giving them imprint credits for distribution through their facilities. . ay my _. WHEN YOU GOT MIXED UP IN THIS RACKET, BABY... , oF eS YOU GOT MIXED UP IN MURDER! ~ L0VE... HATE... Two 22 x 28 Lobby Displays Announcement Slide 14 x 36 Insert Card ~ WHEN YOU GOT MIXED UF IN THIS RACKET, BABY. YOU GOT MIXED UP IN MURDER!” Order All Ad Mats From Your Nearest National Screen Service Exchange PRINTED IN U. S. A.