Kind Hearts and Coronets (United Artists) (1949)

Record Details:

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I 5 SRO N Y. WEEKS FOR KIND HEARTS' UP TO PRESS TIME . . . And Still Running! These are the ads that did it! Available in Mat form at National Screen Service! Guinness is good for you!!! The critics agree: “GUINNESS BEST ACTOR OF THE YEAR. Scores a flew triumph!" —Cue Magazine “EXCELLENT! One of the treasures of the cinema !"-p os i “HILARIOUS SPOOFING. Blends its humor and homicides delightfully!" —Journal-American ✓ / / / “EXCELLENT!’' —Compass ★ ★ ★ ★ "Alec Guinness plays 8 parts to perfection!" — News “MOVIE OF THE WEEK!” —Life Magazine “A MERRY MURDER SPREE. ..scintillating comedy!” —Mirror “DELICIOUS SATIRE ... Guinness plays with devastating wit and variety!” -Times “KIND HEARTS m C0R0NFI5” stiuiiij ALEC GUINNESS-DENNIS PRICE • VALERIE HOBSON .JOAN GREENWOOD Ad Mat 303A—201 lines Screenplay by Robert Hamer and John Dighton Directed by Robert Hamer A MICHAEL BALCON Production . Made at EALING STUDIOS * An Eagle Lion Films Release “MOVIE OF THE WEEK! " ^ “Highest rating. Alec Guinness plays 8 parts to perfection!" -News “Excellent. One of the treasures of the cinema!" -Post “Delicious satire. Guinness plays with devastating wit and variety!" — Times “Hilarious spoofing . . . blends its humor and homicides delightfully! "-Journal-American ////“Excellent! —Compass COROHETS' 2 Col. Ad Mat 2I3A—70 lines 2 Col. Ad Mat 209A—120 lines