Lured (United Artists) (1947)

Record Details:

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WITH THIS EXPLOSIVE <><*><*• s \ B»s»*’ e * 4 tedW"' American Magazine Life Look Liberty True Story Pictorial Review (10 top newspapers in 10 top cities!) How for will she go to trap a kilter... or any other man ? tight beoutiful girls an hu mind .,. and all of them guile dead! Movie Show Screenland Silver Screen Movie Life Movies Movie Stars Parade Photoplay Movieland-Screen Guide Modern Screen Screen Romances Motion Picture r| Movie Story Hit alibi wos (lever... and the wes very, very beautiful, tool] Whot does he seek os he prowls ; mysteriously through the nsgh! ? i pas he the artist who lured 8 ' beautiful .girls ts their deoths? Directed by DOUGLAS SIRK • Screenplay by LEO ROSTEN