Lured (United Artists) (1947)

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•'LURED' sttWMW «' Cjltir Rt‘l Bl This «P*^ k The color *t*Y* 01 shades MAX FACTOR PROMOTIO^* FEATURES LUCILLE BALL IN NATIONAL MAGAZINES This full page four color ad will be seen by millions of maga¬ zine readers of twelve of America’s leading publications! The ad appears in: Vogue • McCall's • American Magazine • True Story • Motion Picture Movie Story • True Confessions • Photoplay • Radio Mirror • True Experiences • True Romances • True Love and Romance. ENLARGE this ad for cosmetic counter and window displays^ along with stills of Lucille Ball. Also aim for local co-op ads based on the slogan: “Max Factor Makeup For Beauty that ‘Lures.’ See ‘Lured’ at the Bijou Theatre.” 57 Newspapers Carry RALEIGH AD Half-page Raleigh Cigarette newspaper ads starring George Sanders and crediting his appearance in “Lured” will break in fifty- seven Metropolitan cities at the end of July. And on their two network shows they will credit George Sanders and “Lured.” Follow through with local Raleigh dis¬ tributors for placing enlargements of the ad wherever Raleighs are sold. BUTTERICK SELLS “LURED” FASHIONS * Butterick Patterns are scheduled for a two-page spread in the September issue of Woman’s Home Companion describing Miss Ball’s wardrobe in “Lured.” Use enlargements of this spread for display in all Butterick outlets and also in your lobby. Add a number of regular Lu¬ cille Ball fashion stills page. (Artist’s rough shown at left.) # FAN FOTOS OF GEORGE SANDERS IN 15,000,000 “PEP” PACKAGES , Photographs of George Sanders, with full credits to his appearance in “Lured,” are enclosed in Kellogg’s “Pep” packages. This nation¬ wide promotional campaign is being supplemented by ad, shown here, in the November issues of National Comics Group. In addition, Kellogg’s has prepared posters, displays and radio publicity. Also a beautiful Photo Album, including “Lured” bill¬ ing, has been furnished to Kellogg outlets to hold the star photo- 0 graphs. Secure a supply of these photo albums from your local Kellogg’s dealer for distribution as door prizes at the theatre. ^ Page Four n t