Lured (United Artists) (1947)

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Through the Newspapers! SPECIAL CLASSIFIED AD TEASER! At right is a suggested promotional ad for local news¬ paper’s classified ad section. Key appeal is photo of Lucille Ball reading a newspaper, while copy is cued to the title. Ad is shown here in reduced size. The mat of the Lucille Ball photo is actually 1 -column wide and 6" deep . . . best suited for a 3-column ad. Copy is not on mat; it should be set locally and revised to meet local requirements. Lucille Ball photo only available as mat. Order Mat (1J) .15 TEASER ADS a PERSONAL 'COLUMN! Reproduced here are # three suggested teaser ads to run in the personal col¬ umn of your local news¬ paper. Run one ad each day for three days before your opening. In conjunction with these ads be sure to set up the “Mirror Dis¬ play” on page 11 , which is keyed to this “Personals” angle. FOR CONSULT OUR CLASSIFIED AD SECTION If you want to LURE ... BETTER JOB ✓A REAL ESTATE BARGAIN k^A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY See LUCILLE BALL and GEORGE SANDERS “ Lured '’ READ OUR ADS EVERY DAY beaUtii 'idtoome. . be warned p^end- farther detail of means FEATURE STORY: HOW MANY * LOCAL GIRLS WERE “LURED”?? Newspapers were recently filled with stories of the notorious Black Dahlia murders on the West Coast. Similar cases—all akin to the murders which are perpetrated in “Lured”—may be found in the ^ newspaper files in your city. Your Sunday Magazine editor should find the history of such cases a strong reader interest feature at this time—the series to be titled “Lured” and embellished with scenes from the picture. —For Lobby, Too! You can also make an effective lobby display by using clippings of murders similar to those in “Lured.” Make a montage of the clippings, mount them on a 40" x 60" display board and use a blown- 0 up dramatic still from “Lured” for the center of the clipping montage. Heading copy along the lines of: “LURED” TO A RENDEZVOUS WITH DEATH! WARN PATRONS NOT TO SPOIL SUSPENSE! Put an advance notice in the lobby and insert a small ad in the local paper asking patrons not to spoil the suspense of “Lured” by coming in near the end , of the picture. Display large sign in the lobby reading: "The Management suggests that theatre patrons avoid entering the theatre near the end of "Lured.” The feature is shown at 12, 6, 3, etc.” Page Seven.