Lured (United Artists) (1947)

Record Details:

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CONTEST FOR TEEN-AGERS This contest will focus the attention of teen-agers and their parents on the dramatic impact of “Lured.” The con¬ test announcement, repro¬ duced here and available in mat form, should be dis¬ tributed throughout high schools, teen-age clubs, YWCA’s, Girl Scout organiza¬ tions—wherever young girls gather. Contestants are asked to finish the sentence: “I would never answer an ad like this because—” and mail their answers to the theatre. The high school principal as well as a YWCA and Girl Scout official should be asked to serve as judges. ORDER MAT (3D) .45 II Name . Address.. WHY wouldn't YOU answer an ad like this? Just finish the sentence, below, in 75 words or less... the ten most interesting replies will win 2 tickets each to see "Lured." "I WOULD NEVER ANSWER AN AD LIKE THE ONE ABOVE, BECAUSE: GIRLS OVER SIXTEEN! would you be “Lured” BY THIS? WIN VALUABLE PRIZES FOR MOST INTERESTING ANSWERS In “Lured”, Lucille Ball, lady de¬ tective, is assigned to the case of a murderer who gets in touch with his victims (all.young girls) .by means of an ad in the personal column — like this: WOMEN TELL: “HOW I Get the women to let down their hair and con¬ fess “How I Lured My Man!” This can serve as the basis of a newspaper contest, with guest tickets awarded for the most interesting and ingenious replies; or the question can be posed to women participants on a local quiz show, with a “jackpot” prize for the best answer. This same question also provides an alluring angle for a widespread merchandising tie-in with women’s shops and beauty shops. Start the ball rolling in the newspapers by planting a list of glamor aids such as a FACIAL, EYE MAKEUP, A NEW GOWN, PERFUME, etc. Women readers should be asked to vote for what ‘LURED’ MY MAN ... ” they consider their greatest aid when they set out to “lure.” # The women’s fashion shops and beauty shops can get in on this by taking ads and preparing dis¬ plays featuring the beauty or fashion aid that is voted the greatest help in “luring” men. Individual polls can be taken by merchants, asking women customers to check store lists of glamor and beauty aids in “luring.” And you can pull a switch on this stunt by asking the men what they found most attractive in the women who “lured” them. A poll can be taken * along the same lines as the women’s poll in news- 4k papers and stores in which the men check what they find most alluring in women. Page Eight