Lured (United Artists) (1947)

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CRAIG RICE, MASTER OF MYSTERY, HAILS “LURED” STILL “LOBBY 1” DOROTHY HUGHES, FAMOUS SUSPENSE AUTHOR, SAYS: “‘LURED’ IS TOPS IN ENTERTAINMENT!” STILL “LOBBY 2” 2 ACE MYSTERY WRITERS GO ALL-OUT FOR “LURED” . . . . Craig Rice and Dorothy Hughes, two magic names to millions of mystery fans, have writ¬ ten glowingly of “Lured.” They agree unanimously that “LURED” IS TOPS IN ENTERTAIN¬ MENT AND SUSPENSE! Use these letters for 40 x 60 lobby displays by blowing up the specially prepared 8" x 10"' stills shown above. They can also be used for hook store and library counter and window displays built around'Craig Rice and Dorothy Hughes novels. Also arrange displays on newsstands and in stationery stores in connection with book edi¬ tions of these authors. > FOLLOW THRU WITH THIS CONTEST: | | Post a notice next to the lobby display announcing that the best “letter” ^ review of “Lured” will win a prize for its author. Get a newspaper columnist and an English teacher to act as judges and submit the winning letter to the local paper for a reader interest feature. Order stills "Lobby V and "Lobby 2" from your National Screen Exchange. LUCILLE BALL SPARKS THIS MOST BEAUTIFUL LEGS CONTEST Set up the Lucille Ball photos (right) in your lobby with copy as suggested in the balloon. This will give you an attractive lobby display announcing a “Beautiful Legs Contest.” Hold the contest on your stage the night “Lured” opens. Request contestants to wear bathing suits and secure the services of fashion or beauty experts to act as judges. And notify the press so the event can be covered by a photographer. Prizes can be promoted from local merchants. For blow-ups, order Stills PC Post 55 and LB 37. CALLING ALL GIRLS! Enter the JluAed ‘MOST BEAUTIFUL LEGS CONTEST’ Ask attendant for Entry Blank SEE' Page Ten